The Moonlit Road and Other Stories

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The Moonlit Road and Other Stories

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26th Nov 2007




2 hours 26 minutes


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The Moonlit Road and Other Stories

* An Account of Some Strange Disturbances in Aungier Street

* That Damned Thing

* The Moonlit Road

* The Upper Berth

* To Let

Read by Jonathan Keeble and Clare Anderson

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These five chilling nineteenth-century ghost stories from both sides of the Atlantic include some of the best in the genre. Bierce is well-known, but To Let by B. M. Croker and The Upper Berth provide moments to tingle the spine, as does An Account of Some Strange Disturbances by Le Fanu. This collection, which is further enhanced by suitably chilling music, was originally released under the title Classic Chilling Tales III.

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: An Account of Some Strange Disturbances in Aungier Street

New lodgings in Aungier Street, Dublin …

My would-be sceptical companion had his troubles too …

I was sitting by the bedroom fire… when I heard a step …

Tom's experiences …

Our handmaid explains …

Ambrose Bierce: That Damned Thing

One does not always eat at the table …

What may happen in a field of wild oats …

A man though naked may be in rags …

An explanation from the tomb …

Ambrose Bierce: The Moonlit Road

Statement of Joel Hetman Jnr

Statement of Caspar Grattan

Statement of the late Julia Hetman, through the medium Bayrolles

Marion Crawford: The Upper Berth

Somebody called for cigars …

Passages across the Atlantic …

I went to bed late …

The captain was one of those splendidly tough and cheerful specimens …

Bithia Mary Croker: To Let

I arrive in India

A warning from Mrs Starkey

Dreadful weather - thunderstorms accompanied by torrents …

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