Sir Thomas Malory: The Death of Arthur

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Sir Thomas Malory: The Death of Arthur

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17th Aug 2000




3 hours 57 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Sir Thomas Malory: The Death of Arthur

Read by Philip Madoc

CD - 3 discs


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The glorious but tragic story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is one of the great legends of Western civilisation. Storytellers and poets down the centuries have turned repeatedly to the universal themes of the Quest of the Holy Grail and the love between Sir Launcelot and Queen Guenever. Yet the first printed account, written by the fifteenth-century knight Sir Thomas Malory, remains unmatched. In words which speak directly to us today as they did to his own period, he brings to life a rich tale of heroism and ideals undermined by the poignance of human emotions.

Thomas Malory: The Death Of Arthur (Le Morte d'Arthur)

Book One: The Coming Of Arthur

Uther Marries Igraine

The Sword In The Stone

Arthur At Camelot

Arthur At Camelot

Balin Draws The Sword

The Deeds Of Balin And Balan

King Lot Moves Against Arthur

Balin Seeks Garlon

The Wounding Of King Pellam

The Fate Of Balin Unfolds

The Deaths Of Balin And Balan

The Wedding Of Arthur And Guenever

Book Two: The Tale Of Sir Launcelot

Sir Launcelot's Good Deeds

Launcelot Lies With Elaine

Launcelot Deceived Again

The Madness Of Sir Launcelot

The Madness Continues

Le Chevaler Mal Fet

Sir Perceval Meets Launcelot

Launcelot Returns To Camelot

Book Three: The Quest Of The Holy Grail

The Seat of Galahad

The Sword Of Galahad

The Holy Grail

The Quest Of The Holy Grail

Launcelot Comes To The Chapel

Sir Launcelot Encounters The Sangrail

Sir Launcelot Repents

The Parting Of Launcelot And Galahad

The Long Sleep Of Launcelot

Galahad Attains The Holy Grail

The Death Of Galahad

Book Four: The Tale Of Sir Launcelot And Queen Guenever

Launcelot And Guenevar Discovered

Launcelot Fights Free

Guenever Condemned

Launcelot Rescues Guenevar

The Battle Of Launcelot And Arthur

Papal Intervention

Book Five: The Most Piteous Tale Of The Morte Arthur

Arthur And Modred: The Final Battle

The Death Of Sir Lucan

The Death Of Arthur

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