Marcel Proust: Swann in Love (abridged)

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Marcel Proust: Swann in Love (abridged)

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3rd Aug 2000




3 hours 55 minutes


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Marcel Proust: Swann in Love (abridged)

Read by Neville Jason

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Swann in Love is the continuation of Swann’s Way, the first part of Marcel Proust’s monumental cycle Remembrance of Things Past. It tells the story of man-about-town Charles Swann’s passionate, tormented love affair with the courtesan Odette de Crécy, and of its surprising outcome. Set in the degenerate demi-monde of nineteenth-century Paris as well as in the fashionable drawingrooms of the aristocracy, this new audiobook vividly brings to life the descriptive genius of the original novel.

Marcel Proust: Swann In Love

The Little Clan At The Verdurins'

M Swann - So Ardent A Lover

Odette de Crecy - A Ravishing Creature

Swann's First Night At The Verdurins'

A New Society For M Swann

Memories Of Vinteuil's Sonata

Odette's Charming Entreaties

Tea At Odette de Crecy's

A Search - And A Rearrangement Of Orchids

Evening Diversions

Comte de Forcheville - Arrival At The Verdurins'

The First Public Slight - 'No Orchid Tonight?'

A Fresh Turn Of The Screw

Different Carriages

Not Tonight At The Verdurins'

A Wagnerian Duplicity

Kept On Tenterhooks

Music At The Marquise de Saint - Euverte's

The Arrival Of The Princess des Laumes

Vinteuil's Sonata Again

The Questioning Of Odette

More Questions - 'Procuresses?'

Daylight Falling - Waves Against A Cliff

Place Names: The Name

Gilberte - In A Poussin Garden

Consumed By Gilberte

A Special Street - Swann's Street

The Disquieting Acacias Of The Bois de Boulogne

The Guardian

“If you’re nervous of Proust, this is a good standalone extract to start with.”

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