Jonathan Swift: Gulliver’s Travels (abridged)

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Jonathan Swift: Gulliver’s Travels (abridged)

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3rd Jan 2000




3 hours 56 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Jonathan Swift: Gulliver’s Travels (abridged)


CD - 3 discs


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Gulliver’s Travels is renowned as a playful and comic children’s classic. The book itself, rather than the bowdlerized versions that have been derived from it, is a savage, rude and brilliant satire, timeless in its appeal and unerringly accurate. The images of Gulliver among the miniature Lilliputians and the giants of Brobdingnag, the crazy scientists, and the rational horses create a series of novel delights and challenging insights.

Jonathan Swift: Gulliver's Travel

Part One - A Letter From Capt Gulliver To His Cousin Sympson

Part One - A Voyage To Lilliput

Part One - I Lay All This While In Great Uneasiness

Part One - The Emperor Of Lilliput

Part One - Like A Colossus

Part One - The Empire Of Blefuscu

Part One - A Private Intrigue

Part One - A Boat - And Escape

Part One - A Voyage To Brobdingnag

Part One - I Am Carried Home

Part Two - I Am Given A New Name - Gildrig

Part Two - Kites And Maids Of Honour

Part Two - In Hopes To Ingratiate My Self Farther Into His Majesty's Favour

Part Two - I Had Now Been Two Years In This Country

Part Three - A Voyage To Laputa, Balnibarbi And Luggnagg

Part Three - The Palace, And The Chamber Of Presence

Part Three - I Take Leave Of His Majesty...And Arrive In Balnibarbi

Part Three - In The School Of Political Projectors

Part Three - The Island Of Luggnagg

Part Three - An Account Of The Struldbruggs

Part Four - A Voyage to The Country Of The Houyhnhnms

Part Four - The Two Horses Came Up To Me

Part Four - The Language - Like High Dutch Or German

Part Four - My Master Heard Me With Great Appearances Of Uneasiness

Part Four - A Confederacy Of Injustice

Part Four - The Congruity Betwixt Me And The Yahoos

Part Four - I Began This Desperate Voyage

Part Four - Thus, Gentle Reader

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