Joseph Conrad: Youth & Heart of Darkness

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Joseph Conrad: Youth & Heart of Darkness

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7th Oct 2000




3 hours 49 minutes


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Joseph Conrad: Youth & Heart of Darkness

Read by Brian Cox

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In these two magnificent novellas Conrad explores the question of self-discovery through powerful and exciting narratives in Youth, the experienced seaman Marlow tells the story of a young man’s coming of age on his first voyage to the East. While in Heart of Darkness he describes with terrifying depth and vividness the slide into corruption of an idealistic trader – Kurtz, who has become the demi-devil of the Inner Station in the Belgian Congo…

Joseph Conrad: Youth

'Men And Sea Interpenetrate'

'We Went To Sea Next Day'

'There Were More Delays - More Tinkering'

An Unexpected Explosions

'It Was At Noon The Steamer Began To Tow'

'She Went Down, Head First, In A Great Hiss Of Steam'

'And Then I Saw The Men Of The East'

Joseph Conrad: Heart Of Darkness

Heart Of Darkness

'I Did Once Turn Fresh-Water Sailor For A Bit'

'A White Sepulchre, Two Women, Knitting Black Wool'

'I Left In A French Steamer'

'There's Your Company's Station'

'High Strached Collar, White Cuffs, A Light Alpaca Jacket'

'In The Interior You Will No Doubt Meet Mr. Kurtz'

'Oh, These Months!'

'Tell Me, Pray,' Said I,' Who Is This Mr. Kurtz'

'One Evening, As I Was Lying Flat On The Deck'

'Like Traveling Back To The Earliest Beginnings Of The World'

'Some Fifty Miles Below The Inner Station'

'Will They Attack Us?'

'Sticks, Little Sticks, Were Flying About - Thick'

'My Intended, My Ivory, My Station, My River, My -'

'A Long Decaying Building'

'You Take Kutrz Away Quick'

'An Improvised Stretcher'

'I Think I Would Have Raised An Outcry'

'A Mass Of Naked, Breathing Quivering Bronze Bodies'

'No, They Did Not Bury Me'

'Before The High And Ponderous Door'

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