Geoffrey Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales Vol. III

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Geoffrey Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales Vol. III

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20th Feb 2004




3 hours 32 minutes


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Geoffrey Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales Vol. III

The Summoner’s Tale

The Friar’s Tale

The Manciple’s Tale

The Lawyer’s Tale

The Seaman’s Tale

The Prioress’s Tale

The Physician’s Tale

Read by Timothy West, Charles Kay, Stephen Tompkinson, Tim Pigott-Smith, Sean Barrett, Rosalind Shanks, and Michael Maloney

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Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, a collection of narratives written between 1387 and 1400, tells of a group of thirty people from all layers of society who pass the time along their pilgrimage to Canterbury by telling stories to one another, their interaction mediated (at times) by the affable host – Chaucer himself. Naxos AudioBooks’ third volume presents the tales of six people, here in an unabridged modern verse translation (by Frank Ernest Hill, (1935)). This is an ideal way to appreciate the genuinely funny and droll talent of England’s early master storyteller. Seven leading British actors bring the medieval world into the twenty-first century, and at least in terms of character, not much seems to have changed!

Geoffrey Chaucer: The Friar's Tale

The Friar's Tale

Here begins the Friar's Tale

So it befell that on a certain day

Now by the truth, my brother dear

In various ways and figures we appear

So on their way they rode forth speedily

The summoner knocketh at the widow's gate

And when the fiend heard how she cursed him so

Geoffrey Chaucer: The Summoner's Tale

The Summoner's Tale

Here the Summoner begins his tale

Nay cried the friar

Dear Sir, with your permission

Lo, Moses fasted forty days and nights

For they, I think, are like Jovinian

And bear this word away now

Wrathful Cambyses loved both drink and revel

Nay, by St Simon, quickly answered he

Ha! Thought the friar

The lady of the house sat listening

My lord, said Jankin

Geoffrey Chaucer: The Lawyer's Tale

The Lawyer's Tale

The Prologue of the Lawyer's Tale

Here the Lawyer begins his tale

This sultan for his privy council sent

The day is come at last for their departing

The mother of the sultan

Part 2

A certain treasure that was with her sent

Into our English ocean thus she came

Satan, our ever-waiting arch-betrayer

Down on her knees she dropped

But who was wroth this wedding rite to see

Sad was the king, having this letter read

Now wept the young and old in all that place

Part 3

How could this feeble woman find the might

Aella, who caused his mother to be slain

Fair when they met did Aella give her greeting

Who can describe the piteous joy they know

Geoffrey Chaucer: The Seaman's Tale

The Seaman's Tale

Here being the Seaman's Tale

Sir John had risen some little time ago

The monk began to stare upon this wife

This monk made answer as I tell you here

And afterwards, Sir John with gravity

On the first Sunday after he was gone

His wife was ready at the gate to greet him

Geoffrey Chaucer: The Prioress's Tale

The Prioress's Tale

The Prologue of the Prioress's Tale

Here begins the Prioress's Tale

This child passed through the Jewish colony

The Christians on the street, that came and went

Therefore I sing, and sing I must indeed

Geoffrey Chaucer: The Manciple's Tale

The Manciple's Tale

Then to the Manciple spoke up our Host

Here begins the Manciple's Tale

But to the end for which I first began

After this wife sent for her paramour

And to the crow he cried again

Thy first of actions, son, and thy chief care

Geoffrey Chaucer: The Physician's Tale

The Physician's Tale

If she was unexcelled in beauty thus

This maid of whom I tell did not require

On this, and he not herem

O mercy, O dear father

The words of the Host to the Physician and the Pardoner

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