Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina (abridged)

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Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina (abridged)

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23rd Jan 2000




5 hours 5 minutes


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Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina (abridged)

Read by Laura Paton

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Anna Karenina has been described as the perfect Russian novel. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Anna Karenina is defenceless against the power of her passions once they are unleashed by the adoration of Count Vronsky. Having defied the rules of nineteenth-century Russian society, Anna is forced to pay a heavy price. Human nature, with all its failings, is the fabric of which this great and passionate work is composed. Translated by Aylmer and Louise Maude.

Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina

Prince Stepan Arkadyevitch Oblonsky In Trouble

Darya Alexandrovna - Dolly - Wan And Pale

Konstantin Dmitrich Levin - A Suitor On The Ice

A Young Man In Love

The Princess Kitty Scherbatskaya

Count Alexei Kirillitch Vronsky

At The Railway Station - Madame Anna Arkadyevna Karenina

An Accident On The Rails

Dolly Confides, Anna Advises

Dolly Addresses Her Husband As 'Thou'

The Ball Begins

A Skeleton In The Cupboard

An Unexpected Meeting On The Platform

Anna, Back At St. Petersburg With Her Son, Serioja

Alexei Alexandrovitch Karenin Warns

A Passion Consummated

At The Races

Levin In The Fields Of Pokrovsky

Dolly On Her Country Estate At Yergushov

A Formal Letter

Anna And Vronsky - An Electric Current

An Uneasy Separation

A Confrontation

Declaration Of Love At The Oblosky Home

At The Scherbatskys

A Telegram From Anna

Desperation And Despair

Married Life At The Levins

Anna Returns To St. Petersburg To See Serioja

Vronsky And Anna - A New Life

Kitty Meets Vronsky

Heat, Dust, Irritation...


Quarrel, Cruelty And Indifference

'Gone! All Is Ended...'

At The Oblonskys

Home Once More

Anna Leaves For The Station

The Violent Beating Of Her Heart

Two Months Later, At Kursk Railway Station

Kitty, Mother And Wife

Levin, The Stars And The Milky Way

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