Victor Hugo: Les Miserables (abridged)

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Victor Hugo: Les Miserables (abridged)

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7th Oct 2000




5 hours 5 minutes


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Victor Hugo: Les Miserables (abridged)

Read by Bill Homewood

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Les Misérables is set in Paris after the French Revolution. In the sewers and backstreets we encounter ‘the wolf-like tread of crime’, and assassination for a few sous is all in a day’s work. We weep with the unlucky and heart-broken Fantine, and we exult with the heroic revolutionaries of the barricades; but above all we thrill to the steadfast courage and nobility of soul of ex-convict Jean Valjean, always in danger from the relentless pursuit of the diabolical Inspector Javert.

Victor Hugo: Les Miserables


Monseigneur Bienvenu

Jean Valjean

Temptation And Transformation

Four Young Parisians Arrange A 'Farce'

The Sergeant Of Waterloo - The Thenardier Hostelry

Pere Madeleine Becomes Monsieur le Maire

Inspector Javert

On The Field Of The Battle Of Waterloo

Back In The Galleys

Cosette In Rags

On The Run

The Convent Of Le Petit-Picpus

M. Marius

The Abaisse

First Love

Eponine, His Neighbor's Daughter

Eponine, His Neighbor's Daughter

The House In Rue Plumet

A Declaration

Little Gavroche

Eponine, The Go-Between And Protector

The Barricade At The Passage du Saumon

Javert Again

The Heroism Of Pere Mabeuf


The Cannon Makes Its Appearance

The Cannon Makes Its Appearance

The Climax At The Barricade

A Great City Is The Most Mighty Of Dung-Makers

Javert Makes A Decision

Marius Receives Permission

The Wedding

Jean Valjean Arrives For A Visit

A Bitter Tear

Nothing Evokes A Memory Like An Odour

A Night Behind Which Is Day

The Grass Covers And The Rain Effaces

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