Boccaccio: Selections from The Decameron

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Boccaccio: Selections from The Decameron

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29th May 2006




4 hours 40 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Boccaccio: Selections from The Decameron

Read by Stephen Thorne, and full cast

CD - 4 discs


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Here are sixteen tales from one of the great works of the Middle Ages. Ten young people have fled for a while the terrible effects of the Black Death in Florence and, in an idyllic setting, tell a series of brilliant stories, by turns humorous, bawdy, tragic and provocative. This celebration of physical and sexual vitality is Boccaccio’s answer to the sublime other-worldliness of Dante’s Divine Comedy…

Giovanni Boccaccio: Selections from The Decameron

1348, Florence. The Plague

The funeral customs are abandoned

Seven young women in the church of Santa Maria Novella

Three young men come into the church and Pampinea proposes

Dioneo’s tale of a young monk attracted by a pretty girl, and is espied by the Abbot

Panfilo’s tale of the misfortunes of a beautiful Saracen girl, whose beauty...

Pericone became daily more ardent

Alatiel courted by Prince of the Morea in Corinth

War became more imminent

Antioco and his merchant friend, and Antigono of Famagusta

Alatiel tells her father of her adventures

The company moves on

Pampinea’s tale of Agilulf, King of the Lombards, his Queen Theodilinda and the groom…

Fiammetta tells a tragic tale of the rage of Tancred, Prince of Salerno spent on Ghismonda and her lover Guiscardo

The Prince gives the command to kill

Pampinea lightens the mood of the party with a story of a monkish seduction

Gossip gains control

Filomena tells a tale of unswerving love

Eliza tells of pure and honest love of Angolella and Pietro

Filistrato recounts the balcony consummation of the love of Ricciardo and Caterina

Dioneo reports on a wife consigned to a marriage to a man who prefers men

Filistrato on the rights of women

Dioneo becomes king and leads the party to a new home

Filistrato with the story of the wine butt

Filomena tells a knightly tale of love

Fiammetta enjoys the revenge of one friend upon another

Emilia shows how easily a doctor can be a fool for all his learning

The doctor asks to join the club

The doctor goes to the tombs

Panfilo imagines a busy night at an inn on the road

Dioneo tells of patient Griselda and her testing husband Gualtieri

Gualtieri sends his daughter away

Gualtieri announces he will marry again

The story telling is at an end, and the company part

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