George and Weedon Grossmith: The Diary of a Nobody (unabridged)

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George and Weedon Grossmith: The Diary of a Nobody (unabridged)

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3rd April 2006




4 hours 51 minutes


CD (download also available)
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George and Weedon Grossmith: The Diary of a Nobody (unabridged)

Read by Martin Jarvis

CD - 4 discs


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This delightful Victorian comic diary is a classic of English Humour which has never been out of print since its first publication in 1892. City clerk Charles Pooter asks: ‘Why should I not publish my diary… because I do not happen to be a “somebody”?’ He proceeds to catalogue all the social clangers he makes unwittingly as he bumbles his way through life, yet a sympathy develops for Pooter in the face of it all. The Diary of a Nobody is an ideal text for the talents of Martin Jarvis.

The Diary of a Nobody

The Diary of a Nobody – Introduction by Mr. Pooter

Chapter 1

April 5th

Chapter 2: April 9th

April 12th

April 15th, Sunday

Chapter 3: April 19th

April 24th

April 28th

Chapter 4: April 30th

May 7th

Before I could think of a reply...

Chapter 5: May 8th

May 12th

June 6th

July 31st

Chapter 6: August 4th

August 7th

August 16th

Chapter 7: August 22nd

August 28th

November 1st

Chapter 8: November 5th, Sunday

November 9th

November 13th

Chapter 9: November 15th

At ten o'clock we went down to supper...

Chapter 10: November 16th

November 19th, Sunday

Chapter 11: November 20th

November 23rd

November 25th

In the evening (Sunday evening of all others)...

Chapter 12: December 17th

December 20th

Chapter 13: December 24th

December 27th

December 29th

Chapter 14: January 1st

January 4th

January 21st

January 25th

Chapter 15: February 8th

February 11th

Chapter 16: February 18th

For my own part, I was horrified...

Chapter 17: March 20th

When he had gone outside, I picked up the battered hat...

Chapter 18: April 8th

April 16th

When I had quite finished my supper...

April 17th

Chapter 19: April 27th

April 28th, Sunday

Another thing that annoyed me at dinner...

Chapter 20: May 10th

The effect was electrical

Franching several times suggested that the wine…

Chapter 21: May 13th

I could not help thinking what a noble gentleman...

May 15th

Chapter 22: May 26th, Sunday

Mrs. James arrived and, as usual, in the evening...

June 1st

The table began to move again, and we might have had...

June 4th

Chapter 23: July 1st

July 3rd, Sunday

During the evening I had an opportunity to speak...

Chapter The Last

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