H. E. Marshall: Our Island Story Vol. 3 (unabridged)

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H. E. Marshall: Our Island Story Vol. 3 (unabridged)

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2nd May 2006




4 hours 40 minutes


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H. E. Marshall: Our Island Story Vol. 3 (unabridged)

Read by Anna Bentinck and Daniel Philpott

CD - 4 discs


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Our Island Story by H. E. Marshall is an Edwardian history book for younger listeners (aged six–twelve) which tells the story of England, concluding with the reign of Queen Victoria. Antonia Fraser and many other current historians declare that it was this book that opened the delights of history for them. It fell from fashion in the 1960s, but its recent re-release in hardback has seen it become a publishing surprise in the UK, with sales of some 75,000 copies in a few months. Now, Naxos AudioBooks releases it unabridged in three volumes, divided into three clear periods of history. Though slightly edited to take account of historical changes and attitudes, it is presented unabridged.

Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall: Our Island Story, Chapters LXXIV - CX: From James I and Guy Fawkes to Queen Victoria

Chapter LXXIV: The Story of Guy Fawkes

Chapter LXXV: The Story of the Mayflower

Chapter LXXVI: How a Woman Struck a Blow for Freedom

Chapter LXXVII: How the King and the Parliament Quarrelled

Chapter LXXVIII: The Story of How the King was Brought to His Death

Chapter LXXIX: The Commonwealth – The Adventures of a Prince

Chapter LXXX: The Commonwealth – The Lord Protector

Chapter LXXXI: How Death Walked in the Streets of London

Chapter LXXXII: Charles II – The Story of How London was Burned

Chapter LXXXIII: The Fiery Cross

Chapter LXXXIV: The Story of King Monmouth

Chapter LXXXV: The Story of the Seven Bishops

Chapter LXXXVI: William the Deliverer

Chapter LXXXVII: William III and Mary II – Brave Londonderry

Chapter LXXXVIII: The Story of a Sad Day in a Highland Glen

Chapter LXXXIX: Anne – How the Union Jack was Made

Chapter XC: The Story of the Earl of Mar's Hunting Party

Chapter XCI: George II – The Story of Bonnie Prince Charlie

Chapter XCII: George II – The Story of Flora MacDonald

Chapter XCIII: The Story of the Black Hole of Calcutta

Chapter XCIV: George II – The Story of How Canada Was Won

Chapter XCV: George III – The Story of How America Was Lost

Chapter XCVI: George III – A Story of a Spinning Wheel

Chapter XCVII: England Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty

Chapter XCVIII: George III – The Battle of Waterloo

Chapter XCIX: George IV – The First Gentleman in Europe

Chapter C: William IV – Two Peaceful Victories

Chapter CI: Victoria – The Girl Queen

Chapter CII: Victoria – When Bread Was Dear

Chapter CIII: Victoria – Peace

Chapter CIV: Victoria – War

Chapter CV: Victoria – The Land of Snow

Chapter CVI: Victoria – The Siege of Delhi

Chapter CVII: Victoria – The Pipes at Lucknow

Chapter CVIII: Victoria – Under the Southern Cross

Chapter CIX: Victoria – From Cannibal to Christian

Chapter CX: Victoria – Boer and Briton

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