Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Valley of Fear (unabridged)

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Valley of Fear (unabridged)

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2nd April 2007




6 hours 24 minutes


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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Valley of Fear (unabridged)

Read by David Timson

CD - 5 discs


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The Sherlock Holmes series read in unabridged form, by David Timson for Naxos AudioBooks is widely regarded as one of the finest. Here, Timson brings his remarkable performance skills to one of Doyle’s full-length novels. Holmes and his faithful Dr Watson are summoned to a country house by a coded message. They arrive too late to save a life and then pursue the trail which leads to the unmasking of the murderer.

Arthur Conan Doyle: The Valley of Fear

THE VALLEY OF FEAR PART 1: The Tragedy of Birlstone Chapter 1: The Warning

May I be there to see!'

Sherlock Holmes had pushed away…

We pay the price, Watson…'

Chapter 2: Sherlock Holmes Discourses

The inspector's eyes grew abstracted

Queer, certainly! But what do you gather from it?'

Chapter 3: The Tragedy of Birlstone

It was remarked, sometimes…

The country policeman was unnerved and troubled…

When the lamps were lit,' said the butler.

Chapter 4: Darkness

White Mason gazed at my friend…

I have worked with Mr. Holmes before,'…

He impressed me this country specialist.

That's all clear enough.'

It gives me the impression of a secret society…'

Chapter 5: The People of the Drama

Cecil Barker succeeded Mrs. Allen as a witness.

I should like these dates a little clearer,' said MacDonald

I don't know that I've anything else…'

The Valley of Fear,' the lady answered.

Chapter 6: A Dawning Light

I beg - I implore that you will, Dr. Watson!'

How do I know that they are lying?'

There is an appalling directness about your question…'

Well now, to continue our supposititious case…'

MacDonald referred to his notebook.

Chapter 7: The Solution

You are making fools of us, Mr. Holmes!'

Well, we're bound to take you on your own terms…'

We all had good reason to join in the aspiration…

Sherlock Holmes put the sopping bundle upon the table…

The man stood blinking at us…

I'm not going to begin at the beginning.'

It was at that instant that the idea came to me.'

THE VALLEY OF FEAR PART II: The Scowrers Chapter 1: The Man

The iron and coal valleys of the Vermissa district…

All right, mate, no offence meant.'

The country had been a place of terror…

It was opened at once by someone very different…

Chapter 2: The Bodymaster

Scanlan looked at him long and fixedly.

I can but tell you vat the whole vorld knows, mister.'

Again there was the struggle upon McMurdo's face…

For a few moments, McMurdo and the girl stood in silence.

All else in the man - his noble proportions…

There was a small room there…

You seem to have a good nerve.'

Chapter 3: Lodge 341, Vermissa

McMurdo shrank away from him.

On a Saturday night…

It was pitch dark and very oppressive under his hood.

When the drinks which followed the ceremony of initiation…

There was great applause at this.

There was a hush at these ominous words…

I protest against that,' said Brother Morris…

The company broke up with shouts and yells…

Chapter 4: The Valley of Fear

McMurdo, who had been watching his companion…

It was a lonely house, twenty miles from here…'

The question came so suddenly that it was as well…

So determined was the appearance of the captain…

Chapter 5: The Darkest Hour

It's to another woman…'

It was the most that Ettie could obtain…

In spite of the reticence in the lodge room…

There was high revel in the lodge room…

It had been a great day for the Scowrers.

Two nights later they met outside the town…

Chapter 6: Danger

But his words had moved McMurdo deeply.

And yet it was clear from his actions…

Indeed, it's glad we are to see you, Brother!'

Now, McMurdo!' said McGinty when they were alone.

Chapter 7: The Trapping of Birdy Edwards

McMurdo shrugged his shoulders.

Their host had placed whisky upon the table…

There were ten seconds after that brief speech…

You blasted traitor!'


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