Franz Kafka: The Trial (unabridged)

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Franz Kafka: The Trial (unabridged)

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1st Aug 2007




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Franz Kafka: The Trial (unabridged)

Read by Rupert Degas

CD - 7 discs


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The Trial is one of the great works of the twentieth century: an extraordinary vision of one man put on trial by an anonymous authority on an unspecified charge. Josef K, 30, lives in a large town in an unspecified country. He is summonsed to answer a charge and appears in the court room for his trial. Franz Kafka evokes all the reality of trial without any of the specifics in a society that seems to have degraded into chaos: squalid environment, rats, yellow liquid shooting out of a hole in the wall. Guards, claustrophobia, anxiety – this is a gripping story and an allegory of modern life. This text remains just as relevant a century after it was written.

The Guardian

“This new translation by David Whiting, commissioned exclusively for audio, aims to make the text more immediately intelligible to the listener, which basically means cutting out some of the repetition and substituting proper names for pronouns so that you know who is talking. The unrelenting nightmare terror remains intact, reinforced by Rupert Degas’s extraordinary reading, best described as controlled teetering on insane. A truly stunning performance.”

The Observer

“This unabridged audio version offers a new translation by David Whiting, while Rupert Degas’s dry reading conveys the grotesqueness of man’s ability to place importance on the trivialities of life.”

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