Haruki Murakami: The Wind-up Bird Chronicle (unabridged)

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Haruki Murakami: The Wind-up Bird Chronicle (unabridged)

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28th Aug 2006




26 hours 4 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Haruki Murakami: The Wind-up Bird Chronicle (unabridged)

Read by Rupert Degas

CD - 21 discs


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Toru Okada is going through a difficult time. He is without a job, his cat has disappeared and his wife is behaving strangely. Into this unbalanced world come a variety of curious characters, a young girl sunbathing in a nearby garden, sisters who are very peculiar indeed, an old war veteran with a violent, disturbing story. Okada retreats to a deep well in a nearby house. And the story unfolds…

Haruki Murakami: Wind-up Bird Chronicle (The)

BOOK 1: The Thieving Magpie - June and July 1984

This caught me off guard. 'Why is that?' I asked.

I was loading groceries into the refrigerator when the phone rang.

Why had Kumiko been frequenting such a place?

Then she took a box of Hope regulars from her pocket …

Right over there is where the cats go through,' she said …

Are you asleep?' the girl asked …

At home, I took in the washing and prepared a simple dinner.

Chapter 2: Moon and Eclipse of the Sun

It was shocking to me, too, to realize that in six long years …

Kumiko took a long, slow breath, held it in a while, and let it out.

Chapter 3: Malta Kano's Hat

When the phone rang at 2.30, I was napping on the couch.

I opened the wardrobe and looked for my polka-dot tie.

There was something strange about her eyes.

I nodded, but this was simply a physical movement of the head …

I felt relief on hearing this.

Chapter 4: High Towers and Deep Wells (Or, Far from Nomonhan)

For about a year after we were married, Kumiko and I …

Instead of a flower arrangement or a calligraphic scroll …

He went on talking about Nomonhan for another hour.

Chapter 5: Hooked on Lemon Drops

I finally reached the vacant house.

Hey,' said someone. I snapped my eyes open.

I touched my hairline. Maybe she was right.

We cut through the yard and walked around…

Chapter 6: On the Births of Kumiko Okada and Noboru Wataya

What she did then was to shut herself off from the outside world.

It was shortly after I had married his daughter that I heard …

In front of the cameras, he played the role of Man of Few Words.

I had felt awkward in his presence from the start…

Chapter 7: The Happy Cleaners

So this was Creta Kano.

Chapter 8: Creta Kano's Long Story

I nodded. 'All the time she was wandering through the world …'

Whenever I bumped into something, it would leave a bruise …'

When I heard this, after all I had endured over the years…

Unfortunately for me, however, the wall turned out to be …'

But then one night, when I was propositioning men …'

Chapter 9: Culverts and an Absolute Insufficiency of Electricity

Your voice is strange,' she said. 'What’s wrong?'

But you're getting married next week'

Mr. Wind-up Bird!' came a voice from the garden.

We stopped off at the company's Shimbashi office …

Chapter 10: Magic Touch

You mean like ghosts?'

I sat on the sofa and used some scissors to cut the envelope open.

I took the money from the envelope and put it in my wallet.

Now the people in the district are dying to have my brother run.'

Chapter 11: Enter Lieutenant Mamiya

Sorry,' I said, 'but I'm pretty busy right now.'

I have been in Tokyo two weeks altogether on this trip …'

He took a sip of green tea.

Chapter 12: Lieutenant Mamiya's Long Story: Part I

I was chosen to be the commanding officer of the escort…

We proceeded to the Khalkha River and followed it to the south.

We were setting up camp that evening …

As I said earlier, Honda had absolutely no combat experience…

The sun rose the next morning…

When we reached the ford, just before dusk …

Chapter 13: Lieutenant Mamiya's Long Story: Part II

A short time later, one of the Mongolian soldiers came out …

He removed his gloves and put them in his coat pocket.

Fine,' said the Russian. 'Fine.'

Before long, the entire skin of Yamamoto's right arm had come off …

They set me on a horse and lashed me to the saddle.

I believe that I lost consciousness from the impact, for just a moment.

How much time went by after that I do not know.

At this point in his story, Lieutenant Mamiya looked at his watch.

We reached the bus stop and waited.

When Mr. Honda told me on the bank of the Khalka River …'

BOOK 2: Bird as Prophet - July to October 1984

I waited until 9.30 and dialled Kumiko's office.

Just after 1 o'clock, the phone rang.

I decided to make spaghetti for lunch again.

To the owner, I said only that I had forgotten my receipt.

Chapter 2: No Good News in This Chapter

Poor Mr Wind-up Bird,' she said.

Where are we?' I asked. Creta Kano didn't answer.

Creta Kano again. Two wet dreams in a short interval …

Hmm, that's hard for me to say.

Chapter 3: Noboru Wataya Speaks

She called me a week ago and said she had something to discuss …'

Noboru Wataya pushed his untouched glass of iced tea aside.

Noboru Wataya went on staring at me…

Chapter 4: Divine Grace Lost

Outer Mongolian troops had thrown me into a deep, dark well …

In any case, I am grateful for the chance to have met you …

I did not see what she meant.

Chapter 5: Views of Distant Towns

When I did wake up, I took a knapsack from the drawer.

I sat on the edge of the well curb and listened.

Chapter 6: Inheriting Property

Kumiko, though, was fascinated.

I was living in Asagaya at the time, in a one-room apartment …

Chapter 7: Recollections and Dialogue on Pregnancy

In fact, though, I did not want Kumiko to have an abortion.

Kumiko thought about this for a while, rubbing her stomach …

I stayed on the move for a very long time.

Chapter 8: The Root of Desire

I wandered up and down the corridor until I passed …

I went back to the living room, opened the new bottle of whisky …

Chapter 9: The Well and Stars

I looked up again at the stars.

Hey down there! Mr Wind-up Bird!', shouted May Kasahara.

Chapter 10: May Kasahara on Death and Evolution

I mean…this is what I think, but…people have to think seriously…'

And so now you're crushed, Mr. Wind-up Bird …

Chapter 11: Hunger as Pain

To divert my attention from the intense pain of these hunger pangs …

I decided to take a different look at things.

But she didn't respond. It seemed there was no-one there any more.

I went to the toilet and took a long pee with my eyes closed.

Why this need arose in me so suddenly, why it happened …

There was always something very close and delicate between us …

Chapter 12: Discovered When Shaving

Malto Kano fell silent once again.

Walking back down the alley to my house …

No bad memories you associate with the place, then?'

I thought about calling the old property agent …

Chapter 13: Creta Kano's Story Continued

Does that hurt, Mr. Okada?'

As I told you before …'

At last, the man stopped moving his fingers.'

Chapter 14: Creta Kano's New Departure

I was still officially a student …'

What could Noboru Wataya have possibly wanted from Malta Kano?'

This, then, is how I have spent the twenty-six years of my life.'

Creta Kano bit her lip.

Chapter 15: The Only Bad Thing That Ever Happened in May Kasahara's House

Great bikini,' I said.

You know, Mr. Wind-up Bird …'

When she said this, she touched the wound next to her eye.

Oh, forget it. But you know, Mr. Wind-up Bird …'

Chapter 16: The Simplest Thing

Every day, I would take the train to Shinjuku at 10 o'clock …

But what the secret was, what had been concealed there …

At first I kicked and beat him out of sheer terror …

BOOK 3: The Birdcatcher - October 1984 to December 1985

Early October saw the death of the uncle of Noboru Wataya …

Sometimes I climbed the garden wall and went down…

Old Mr Ichikawa looked at me in a way that showed I had aroused …

Chapter 2: Waking from Hibernation

I repeated the routine every day, as I had done the previous summer …

Chapter 3: What Happened in the Night

But no one woke up, the man went on digging without a break …

Chapter 4: Buying New Shoes

Before long, the Haydn came to an end - an abrupt and messy end.

The room was so utterly still that when I held my breath …

I finally understood as I was undressing.

Chapter 5: A Place You Can Figure Out If You Think About It Really, Really Hard

I'm in the mountains again, in another place surrounded by a wall …

Chapter 6: Nutmeg and Cinnamon

The woman showed up a little after 3 o'clock.

Let’s have dinner,' she said. 'Can you eat?'

Was there a reason for that?' She ignored this question.

Chapter 7: The Mystery of the Hanging House

Tight Security and Secrecy

Chapter 8: Down in the Well

Now a single wall is the only thing separating me …

Chapter 9: The Zoo Attack (or, A Clumsy Massacre)

Everyone knew this to be the truth …

The director handed the lieutenant a list of animals …

We always sat across from each other at the same table …

I took a long time to explain, little by little …

The Chinese workers said to the vet …

The transport ship cut its engines as ordered …

Chapter 10: So, Then, the Next Problem (May Kasahara's Point of View: 2)

I told you before how I got out of that high-class hotel …

Chapter 11: Is This Shovel a Real Shovel? (What Happened in the Night: 2)

Chapter 12: M's Secret Cure

Chapter 13: The Waiting Man

Finding it difficult to speak, I simply nodded.

After patting his knees several times with outstretched palms …

First of all, Dr Wataya is not opposed to the idea of reconsidering …'

In addition to which, it's going to cause Noboru Wataya …

Chapter 14: Cinnamon's Strange Sign Language

Cinnamon never spent a day at school,' said Nutmeg.

The Residence was not a big house, and it had minimal furnishings.

I told Cinnamon the story of the submarine and the zoo …'

Chapter 15: This Could Be the End of the Line (May Kasahara's Point of View: 3)

Life is so strange, though.

Chapter 16: The World's Exhaustion and Burdens

Don’t worry,' he said, with a laugh. 'The tax man won't …'

Maybe I shouldn't say this to you, Mr Okada, but you're ready…'

Chapter 17: The Fitting Room

Nutmeg continued her work for more than seven years…

Chapter 18: A Stupid Tree Frog Daughter (May Kasahara's Point of View: 4)

I don't have any idea what's happening to me …

Chapter 19: The Subterranean Labyrinth

Nutmeg had told me that Cinnamon had customized every inch …

Chapter 20: Nutmeg's Story

Nutmeg went on to compile a magnificent record …

You’ve probably heard his name,' Nutmeg said.

Not long after she sold the company …

Chapter 21: The Mystery of the Hanging House: 2

Chapter 22: Jellyfish from All Around the World

That is just one manifestation.

Chapter 23: Counting Sheep

Ishiwara was of the opinion that Japan should not turn …

Chapter 24: The Signal Turns Red

If it comes out that his brother-in-law is involved in something …'

Chapter 25: Triangular Ears

Chapter 26: The Wind-up Bird Chronicle No. 8 (or, A Second Clumsy Massacre)

Not that he was a passive creature, indeed, he was more decisive …

Four hours later, the soldiers were back with the mule and wagon …

When the four Chinese had finished throwing the bodies …

Now only the young Chinese prisoner with the number 4 …

I've been ordered to beat this guy to death …'

At that very moment, the young Chinese batter in uniform …

Chapter 27: Cinnamon's Missing Links

His stories employed 'wind-up bird' as a key phrase …

Chapter 28: You Just Can't Trust a House (May Kasahara's Point of View: 5)

You know as well as I do what the place was like after that …

Chapter 29: A Vacant House Is Born

Chapter 30: Malta Kano's Tale

Malta Kano put the receiver down on the table …

I took a machine gun bullet during the fierce battle …

Whenever the number of deaths increased to the point …

This educated prisoner was none other than the Russian officer …

One time, in an offhand manner, I asked him about the convicts …

Another day when I was walking by the station, that big sergeant …

And what do you want in return?' I asked.

Chapter 31: The Bat Vanishes

While concentrating all my attention on the sound, I fell asleep.

The door was open.

Chapter 32: The Job of Making Others Use Their Imaginations

The work environment steadily deteriorated as a result…

For some inexplicable reason, he appeared to have complete …

My plan was to kill Boris.

I have known for a long time that you wanted to kill me …'

Chapter 33: A Dangerous Place

And the broadcast returned to the studio …

Who could have turned out the lights?

Chapter 34: The Light of a Firefly

Strictly speaking, I didn't come here to see you.'

You didn't know exactly what had happened to your sister …'

She followed this with a long silence, as if checking the truth.

Chapter 35: Just a Real Knife

Again, without warning, the knife came.

I leaned my back against the wall and told myself, it's OK …

Chapter 36: The Story of the Duck People

So then you know what I did? I got naked. Don't ask me why.

Chapter 37: Two Different Kinds of News

It took me a while to absorb these facts as facts.

Chapter 38: The Wind-up Bird Chronicle No. 17 (Kumuko's Letter)

Chapter 39: Goodbye

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