Smetana: The Bartered Bride

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Smetana: The Bartered Bride



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2 hours 7 minutes


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Smetana: The Bartered Bride

Jaroslav Gleich, Jan Konstantin, Ada Nordenova, Marie Pixova, Emil Pollert, Vladimir Toms

Prague National Opera Company Orchestra and Chorus, Otakar Ostrcil

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Bedrich Smetana: Prodana nevesta (The Bartered Bride)


Act I, Scene I-Recit: Tak tedy prece se to stati ma

Act I, Scene II-Proc bychom se netesili

Act I, Scene II - Aria: Kdybych se co takoveho o tobe dozvedela

Act I, Scene II - Duet: Jako matka pozehnanim

Act I, Scene II - Duet: Verne milovani

Act I, Scene III - Jak vam pravim, pane kmotre

Act I, Scene III - Recit: Ovsem Tobiase Michu znam

Act I, Scene III - Trio: Mladik slusny a mravu vic tichych

Act I, Scene IV - Quartet: Tu Ji mame

Act I, Scene IV - Recit: Jenik neupusti

Act I, Scene V - Polka... Pojd'sem, holka

Act II, Scene I - To Pivecko, to veru je nebesky dar

Act II, Scene I - Furiant

Act II, Scene II - Ma maticka povidala

Act II, Scene III - Recit: Vy jste zajiste zenich?

Act II, Scene III - Duet: Znamt' ja jednu divcinu

Act II, Scene IV - Recit: Jak pravim, hezka je

Act II, Scene IV - Duet: Nuze, mily chasniku

Act II, Scene IV - Duet: Kazdy jen tu svou ma za jedinous

Act II, Scene IV - Duet: Znam jednu divku, ta ma dukaty

Act II, Scene IV - Recit: odreknes - li se Marenky

Act II, Scene V - Jak mozna verit, ze bych ja prodal svoji Marenku

Act II, Scene VI - Finale: Pojd' te, lidicky

Act III, Scene I - To, to mi v hlave lezi

Act III, Scene II - Pochod komediantu, Recit: Ohlasujeme

Act III, Scene II - Skocna

Act III, Scene II - Recit: Je, je to bude hezker!

Act III, Scene II - Duet: Milostne zviratko udelame z vas

Act III, Scene III - Recit: Oh, ja nest' astny

Act III, Scene IV - Sextet: Ne, ne, tomu neverim

Act III, Scene IV - Sextet: Rozmysli si Marenko

Act III, Scene V - Oh, jaky zal!

Act III, Scene V - Ten lasky sen, jak krasny byl

Act III, Scene VI - Marenko ma

Act III, Scene VI - Tak tvrdosijna, divko, jsi

Act III, Scene VII - Recit: Hle, hle, chasniku, cekas uz na penize?

Act III, Scene VII - Trio: Utiz se, divko, utis se

Act III, Scene VIII - Finale: Jak jsi se, Marenko, rozmyslila?

Act III, Scene IX - Dobra vec se podarila!

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“This is the first ever recording of Smetana's most popular opera, performed by a team steeped in the tradition of interpreting the work in Prague.
Otakar Ostrcil gives a rhythmically exhilarating, suitably expectant account of the overture, directs the dances with just the right amount of brio tempered by lightness, and gives thoughtful support to his singers. The whole cast is Czech, so the recitative flows with a natural feeling for speech rhythms and accentuation. Nordenova as MaSenka has a sweet, unaffected timbre that's exactly right for her part, and she employs portamento in a way that would not be tolerated today; so much the worse for today. Her Jeník has a plangent tone and intimate delivery nearideal for the role, though some may be surprised at hearing such a light voice in a part now assigned to heavier tenors. The somewhat confined recording has been miraculously restored to obviate most of the drawbacks of the original. At the asking price, anyone interested in the early traditions of interpreting this work will enjoy a welcome bargain.”

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