Sullivan, A: HMS Pinafore

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Sullivan, A: HMS Pinafore



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70 minutes



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Sullivan, A: HMS Pinafore

Darrell Fancourt, Radley Flynn, Joan Gillingham, Martyn Green, Ella Halman, Muriel Harding, Leonard Osborn, Leslie Rands, Richard Walker

D'Oyly Carte Opera Orchestra, New Promenade Orchestra, Isidore Godfrey


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Arthur Sullivan: HMS Pinafore

Act I: Overture

Act I: We sail the ocean blue (Chorus)

Act I: Hail, Men-O'-Wars men - I'm called Little Buttercup (Buttercup)

Act I: But tell me - The nightingale sighed for the moon's bright ray (Buttercup, Ralph, Crew)

Act I: A maiden fair to see (Ralph)

Act I: My gallant crew, good morning - I am the captain of the Pinafore (Captain, Crew)

Act I: Sir, you are sad (Buttercup, Captain)

Act I: Sorry her lot who loves too well (Josephine)

Act I: Over the bright sea - Sir Joseph's barge is seen (Chorus)

Act I: Gaily Tripping (Sir Joseph's female relatives)

Act I: Now give three cheers - I am the monarch of the sea (Sir Joseph, Relatives)

Act I: When I was a lad (Sir Joseph, Chorus)

Act I: For I hold that on the seas (Sir Joseph, Hebe, Chorus)

Act I: A British Tar (Ralph, Boatswain, Carpenter's mate, Chorus)

Act I: Refrain, audacious tar (Josepine, Ralph)

Act I: Finale (Company)

Act II: Interlude (Captain)

Act II: Fair moon, to thee I sing (Captain)

Act II: Things are seldom what they seem (Buttercup, Captain)

Act II: The hours creep on apace (Josephine)

Act II: A simple sailor lowly born (Josephine)

Act II: Never mind the why and wherefore (Sir Joseph, Captain, Josephine)

Act II: Kind captain, I've important information (Dick Deadeye, Captain)

Act II: Carefully on tiptoe stealing (Ensemble)

Act II: Pretty daughter of mine - He is an Englishman (Captain, Crew, Ralph)

Act II: Farewell my own (Ralph, Josephine, Sir Joseph, Boatswain, Dick Deadeye, Hebe, Buttercup, Boatswain's mate)

Act II: My pain and my distress - A many years ago (Sir Joseph, Buttercup)

Act II: Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen - Finale (Josephine, Hebe, Ralph, Dick Deadeye, Company)

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