Sullivan, A: The Pirates of Penzance, etc.

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Sullivan, A: The Pirates of Penzance, etc.



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1 hour 53 minutes


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Sullivan, A:

The Pirates of Penzance

Trial by Jury

Martyn Green, Darrell Fancourt, Leonard Osborn, Muriel Harding, Ella Halman, Richard Watson, Leslie Rands, Donald Harris

New Promenade Orchestra, D'Oyly Carte Opera Company, Isidore Godfrey

CD - 2 discs


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Arthur Sullivan: The Pirates of Penzance


Act I: Pour, oh pour the pirate sherry (Pirates, Samuel)

Act I: When Frederic was a little lad (Ruth)

Act I: Oh, better far th live and die (Pirate King, Pirates)

Act I: Oh, false one, your have deceived me (Frederic, Ruth)

Act I: What shall I do? (Frederic) - Climbing over rocky mountain (Ladies, Edith, Kate)

Act I: Stop, ladies, pray! (Frederic, Ladies)

Act I: Oh, is there not one maiden breast (Frederic, Ladies)

Act I: Poor wand'ring one (Mabel, Ladies)

Act I: What ought we to do (Edith, Kate) - How beautifully blue th sky (Ladies, Mabel, Frederic)

Act I: Stay, we must not lose our senses (Frederic, Ladies)

Act I: Here's a first rate opportunity (Pirates, Ladies)

Act I: Hold, monsters (Mabel, Samuel, Ladies, Major-General)

Act I: I am the very model of a modern Major-General (Major-General)

Act I: Oh, men of dark and dismal fate (Major-General)

Act I: I'm telling a terrible story; Act I finale (Major-General, Ladies, Pirates)

Act II: O dry the glistening tear (Chorus, Mabel)

Act II: Then Frederic, let your escort (Major-General)

Act II: When foreman bares his steel (Sergeant of Police, Mabel)

Act II: Now for the Pirates' lair (Frederic, Ruth, Pirate King)

Act II: When you had left your pirate fold (Ruth, Pirate King, Frederic)

Act II: Away, away! My heart's on fire (Pirate King, Ruth, Frederic)

Act II: All is prepared (Mabel, Frederic)

Act II: Stay, Frederic, star! (Mabel, Frederic)

Act II: Ah! Leave me not to pine (Mabel, Frederic)

Act II: In 1940 I of age shall be (Frederic, Mabel)

Act II: No, I'll be brave (Mabel)

Act II: Though in body and in mind (Sergeant)

Act II: When a felon's not engaged (Sergeant, Police)

Act II: A rollicking band of pirates we (Pirates, Police, Sergeant)

Act II: With cat-like tread (Pirates, Police, Samuel)

Act II: Hush, hush, not a word (Frederic, Pirates, Major-General)

Act II: Sighing sofily to the river (Major-General)

Act II: Now what is this - Finale (Ladies, Pirate King, Pirates, Major-General, Police, Sergeant, Frederic, Ruth)

Arthur Sullivan: Trial by Jury

Act II: Hark the hour of ten is sounding (Chorus)

Act II: Now jurymen, hear my advice (Usher)

Act II: Is this the court of the exchequer (Defendant)

Act II: When first my old, old love I knew (Defendant)

Act II: Oh, I was like that (Jurymen)

Act II: All hail great judge (Chorus)

Act II: For these kind words (Judge)

Act II: When I, good friends (Judge)

Act II: Swear thou, the jury! (Counsel, Usher)

Act II: Comes the broken flower (Chorus of bridesmaids)

Act II: O'er the season vernal (Plaintiff)

Act II: Oh never never never (Judge)

Act II: May if please you, my lud (Counsel for plaintiff)

Act II: That she is reeling (Judge)

Act II: Oh gentlemen, listen, I pray (Defendant)

Act II: But I submit, m'lud (Counsel)

Act II: A nice dilemma we have here (Judge, Counsel, Defendant, Plaintiff)

Act II: I love him - I smoke like a furnace (Plaintiff, Defendant)

Act II: The question, gentlemen (Judge)

Act II: Oh joy unbounded (Plaintiff, Counsel, Defendant, Judge, All)

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