Sullivan, A: Ruddigore

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Sullivan, A: Ruddigore



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1st Nov 2004




80 minutes


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Sullivan, A: Ruddigore

Martyn Green, Leonard Osborn, Richard Watson, Radley Flynn, Darrel Fancourt, Margaret Mitchell, Ella Halman, Deidree Thurlow, Ann Drummond-Grant

D’Oyly Carte Opera Chorus & Orchestra, Isidore Godfrey

Recorded 1950



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Arthur Sullivan: Ruddigore

Overture (composed by Geoffrey Toye)

Act I: Fair is Rose as bright May day (Chorus, Zorah)

Act I: Sir Rupert Murgatroyd (Dame Hannah, Chorus)

Act I: If somebody there chanced to be (Rose)

Act I: I know a youth who loves a little maid (Robin, Rose)

Act I: From the briny sea - Ballad: I shipped d'ye see (Chorus, Richard)

Act I: Hornpipe (Orchestra)

Act I: My boy, you may take it from me (Robin)

Act I: If well his suit has sped (Chorus)

Act I: In sailing o'er life's ocean wide - My heart says (Chorus, Richard, Robin, Rose, Ensemble)

Act I: Cheerily carols the lark - To a garden full of posies (Margaret)

Act I: Welcome, gentry, for your entry (Chorus)

Act I: Oh why am I moody and sad? (Sir Despard)

Act I: You understand? I think I do (Sir Despard, Richard)

Act I: Hail the bride of seventeen Summers (Chorus)

Act I: When the bands are blossoming (Rose, Hannah, Ensemble)

Act I: Gavotte (Orchestra)

Act I: Hold, bride and bridegroom - Finale (Sir Despard, Robin, Richard, Rose, Margaret, Hannah, Adam, Zorah, Chorus)

Act II: I once was meek as a new-born lamb (Sir Ruthven, Adam)

Act II: Happily coupled are we (Richard, Chorus)

Act II: In bygone days I had thy love (Rose, Sir Ruthven, Richard, Chorus)

Act II: Painted emblems of a race (Sir Ruthven, Ghosts)

Act II: When the night wind howls (Sir Roderick)

Act II: He yields! He answers to our call (Chorus, Sir Ruthven)

Act II: I once was a very abandoned person (Despard, Margaret)

Act II: My eyes are fully open (Sir Ruthven, Despard, Margaret)

Act II: There grew a little flower (Hannah, Sir Ruthven)

Act II: Finale (The Company)

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