Wagner: Tristan und Isolde

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Wagner: Tristan und Isolde



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29th March 2004




4 hours 15 minutes


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Wagner: Tristan und Isolde

(complete opera)

Ludwig Suthaus (Tristan), Kirsten Flagstad (Isolde), Blanche Thebom (Brangaene), Josef Greindl (Konig Marke), Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (Kurwenal), Edgar Evans (Melot), Rudolf Schock (Hirt), Rhoderick Davies (Steuermann), Rudolf Schock (Stimme eines jungen Seemanns)

Chorus of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, Philharmonia Orchestra, Wilhelm Furtwängler

Recorded 1952

CD - 4 discs


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Richard Wagner: Tristan und Isolde


Act I Scene 1: Westwarts schweift der Blick (A young sailor, Isolde, Brangane)

Act I Scene 2: Frisch weht der Wind (A young sailor, Isolde, Brangane, Kurwenal, Tristan, Sailors)

Act I Scene 3: Weh, ach wehe! Dies zu dulden! (Brangane, Isolde)

Act I Scene 3: Wie lachend sie mir Lieder singen (Isolde, Brangane)

Act I Scene 3: Da Friede, Suhn' und Freundschaft (Brangane, Isolde, Sailors)

Act I Scene 4: Auf! Auf! Ihr Frauen! (Kurwenal, Isolde, Brangane)

Act I Scene 5: Begehrt, Herrin, was ihr wunscht (Tristan, Isolde)

Act I Scene 5: War Morold dir so wert (Tristan, Isolde, Sailors)

Act I Scene 5: Tristan!...Isolde! (Isolde, Tristan, Men's Voices, Brangane, Kurwenal, Sailors)

Act II: Prelude

Act II Scene 1: Horst du sie noch? (Isolde, Brangane)

Act II Scene 2: Isolde! Geliebte!...Tristan! Geliebter! (Tristan, Isolde)

Act II Scene 2: Getauscht von ihm, der dich getauscht (Isolde, Tristan)

Act II Scene 2: O sink hernieder, Nacht der Liebe (Tristan, Isolde)

Act II Scene 2: Einsam wachend in der Nacht (Brangane, Isolde, Tristan)

Act II Scene 2: Doch unsre Liebe (Tristan, Isolde, Brangane)

Act II Scene 3: Rette dich, Tristan! (Kurwenal, Tristan, Melot)

Act II Scene 3: Tatest du's wirklich? (Marke, Tristan)

Act II Scene 3: O Konig, das kann ich dir nicht sagen (Tristan, Isolde, Melot)

Act III: Prelude

Act III Scene 1: Kurwenal! He! Sag, Kurwenal! (A Shepherd, Kurwenal, Tristan)

Act III Scene 1: Wo ich erwacht, weilt' ich nicht (Tristan, Kurwenal)

Act III Scene 1: Noch losch das Licht nicht aus (Tristan, Kurwenal)

Act III Scene 1: Noch ist kein Schiff zu sehn! (Kurwenal, Tristan)

Act III Scene 1: Mein Herre! Tristan! (Kurwenal, Tristan)

Act III Scene 1: Wie sie selig, hehr und milde (Tristan, Kurwenal)

Act III Scene 2: O diese Sonne! (Tristan, Isolde)

Act III Scene 2: Ich bin's, ich bin's (Isolde)

Act III Scene 3: Kurwenal! Hor! Ein zweites Schiff (A Shepherd, Kurwenal, Helmsman, Brangane, Melot, Marke)

Act III Scene 3: Mild und leise wie er lachelt (Isolde)

Gramophone Magazine

“There were no contemporary Isoldes to better Flagstad’s any more than there was a contemporary Hamlet to outshine Gielgud’s”

Penguin Guide



“Furtwängler's concept is spacious from the opening Prelude onwards, but equally the bite and the drama are vividly conveyed, matching the nobility of Flagstad's portrait of Isolde...It stands among Furtwängler's finest memorials, still unsurpassed by later versions in its spacious concentration and intensity.”

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