Borodin: Prince Igor

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Borodin: Prince Igor



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2nd May 2005




3 hours 20 minutes



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Borodin: Prince Igor

Andrey Ivanov, Evgeniya Smolenskaya, Sergey Lemeshev, Alexander Pirogov, Mark Reizen

Chorus and Orchestra of the Bolshoy Theatre, Alexander Melik-Pashayev

Recorded 1951

CD - 3 discs

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Alexander Porfir'yevich Borodin: Prince Igor (Knyaz Igor)


Prologue: Solntsu krasnomu slava! (Glory to the beautiful sun!) (Chorus)

Prologue: Idyom na bran's vragom Rusi (Let’s march into battle against the enemy of Rus) (Igor, Chorus)

Prologue: Chto eto znachit? (What does it mean?) (Galitsky)

Prologue: Pust' pridut knyagini i boyaryni (Let the princesses and boyars’ wives come) (Igor)

Prologue: Pora idti nam v put (It is time to go) (Igor)

Act I Scene 1: Slava, slava Volodimiru (Glory, glory to Vladimir) (Chorus)

Act I Scene 1: Recitative and Song of Galitsky: Nateshilsya li, knyaz'? (Had a good time, Prince?) (Prince's Courtiers, Galitsky)

Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Knyazyu Galitskomu slava! (Long live Prince Galitsky!) (Prince's Courtiers)

Act I Scene 1: Oy, likhon'ko! Oy, goryushko! (Oh, there's trouble! And such misfortune, Prince!) (Chorus of Maidens)

Act I Scene 1: Stoy, rebyata! (Wait, lads!) (Skula)

Act I Scene 1: Chto u knyazya da Volodimira (At the palace of Prince Vladimir) (Skula)

Act I Scene 1: Da, vot komu by knyazhit' na Putivlye! (Yes, this is who should rule in Putivl!) (Chorus)

Act I Scene 2: Arioso: Ne malo vremeni proshlo (Much time has passed) (Yaroslavna)

Act I Scene 2: Tam devushki prishli k tebe, knyaginya (Some maidens have come to see you, Princess) (Yaroslavna, Chorus of Maidens)

Act I Scene 2: Ay! Knyaz! Batyushki! (Oh, heavens! The Prince!) (Yaroslavna, Galitsky)

Act I Scene 2: Dobro pozhalovat', boyarye (Welcome, boyars) (Yaroslavna)

Act I Scene 2: Zvon! Nabat! (Bells! The Alarm!) (Boyars)

Act II: Na bezvod'ye, dnyom na solntse (Without water, midday in the Sun) (Chorus of the Polovtsian Maidens)

Act II: Dance of the Polovtsian Maidens

Act II: Cavatina: Merknet svet dnevnoy (Daylight fades) (Konchakovna)

Act II: Solntse za goroy ukhodit na pokoy (Beyond the mountain, the Sun goes to rest) (Polovtsian Guards)

Act II: Cavatina: Medlenno den ugasal (Slowly the day has faded) (Vladimir)

Act II: Aria: Ty li, Vladimir moy, ty li? (Is that you, my Vladimir, is that you?) (Kochakovna, Vladimir)

Act II: Aria: Ni sna ne otdykha (No sleep, no rest) (Igor)

Act II: Pozvol mne, knyazhe, slovo molvit' (Allow me, Prince, to say a word) (Igor, Ovlur)

Act II: Aria: Zdorov li, knyaz? (Are you in good health, Prince?) (Konchak)

Act II: Gey! Plennits privesti syuda! (Hey! Bring the captives girl here!) (Konchak)

Act II: Polovtsian Dance: Uletay na kryl'yakh vetra (Fly on the wings of wind) (Female Captives)

Act II: Wild Dance of the Men... General Dance

Act II: Poyte pesni slavy Khanu! Poy! (Sing songs of praise to the Khan! Sing!) (Polovtsians)

Act II: Boys' dance... Mens' Dance

Act IV: Akh! Plachu ya, gorko plachu ya (Oh, I weep, I bitterly weep) (Yaroslavna)

Act IV: Akh, ne buyniy veter zavyval (Oh, it was not the violent wind) (Chorus)

Act IV: Kak unylo vsyo krugom (All around, what a cheerless sight) (Yaroslavna)

Act IV: On - moy sokol yasniy (It is he - my bright-eyed falcon!) (Yaroslavna, Igor)

Act IV: Ty gudi, da (Play, you, play!) (Gudok Players, Yeroshka, Skula)

Act IV; Narod! Syuda! (People, come here!) (Yeroshka)

Act IV: Final Chorus: Znat', Gospod' mol'by uslyshal (It seems the Lord has heard our prayers) (Elders, Boyars)

Prince Igor, Act I: Recitative and Song of Galitsky

Prince Igor, Act I: Yaroslavna's Arioso

Prince Igor, Act II: Konchakovna's Aria

Prince Igor, Act II: Vladimir's Cavatina

Prince Igor, Act II: Prince Igor's Aria

Prince Igor, Act II: Konchak's Aria

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