Verdi: Aida

Naxos: 8111240-41

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Verdi: Aida



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2nd Jan 2007




2 hours 25 minutes


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Verdi: Aida

Maria Callas (Aida), Richard Tucker (Radamès), Fedora Barbieri (Amneris), Tito Gobbi (Amonasro), Giuseppe Modesti (Ramfis)

La Scala Orchestra and Chorus, Tullio Serafin

CD - 2 discs


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Studio recording, 1955

Giuseppe Verdi: Aida


Act I Scene 1: Si: corre voce che l'Etiope (Ramfis, Radames)

Act I Scene 1: Se quel guerrier io fossi!… Celeste Aida (Radames)

Act I Scene 1: Quale insolita gioia nel tuo sguardo! (Amneris, Radames, Aida)

Act I Scene 1: Alta cagion v'aduna, o fidi egizii (King, Messenger, Aida, Radames, Amneris, Ramfis, Priests, Ministers, Captains)

Act I Scene 1: Su! del Nilo al sacro lido (King, Messenger, Radames, Ramfis, Priests, Ministers, Captains, Aida, Amneris)

Act I Scene 1: Ritorna vincitor! (Aida)

Act I Scene 2: Possente, possente Ftha (High Priestess, Priestesses, Ramfis, Priests)

Act I Scene 2: Mortal, diletto ai numi (Ramfis, Priests, Radames, Priestesses)

Act II Scene 1: Chi mai fra gl'inni e i plausi (Slaves, Amneris)

Act II Scene 1: Fu la sorte dell'armi (Amneris, Aida)

Act II Scene 1: Su! del Nilo al sacro lido (Soldiers, People, Amneris, Aida)

Act II Scene 2: Gloria all'Egitto, ad Iside (People, Women, Priests, Men)

Act II Scene 2: Triumphal March

Act II Scene 2: Vieni, o guerriero, vindice (People, Priests)

Act II Scene 2: Salvator della patria, io ti saluto (King, Radames, Ramfis, Priests, Aida, Amonasro)

Act II Scene 2: Quest'assisa ch'io vest vi dica (Amonasro, Aida, Slaves, Prisoners, Ramfis, Priests, King, People)

Act II Scene 2: O re, pei sacri numi (Radames, King, Amneris, Priests, People, Ramfis)

Act II Scene 2: Gloria all'Egitto, ad Iside (King, People, Slaves, Prisoners, Ramfis, Priests, Aida, Radames, Amneris, Amonasro)

Act III: O tu che sei d'Osiride (Priests, Priestesses, Ramfis, Amneris)

Act III: Qui Radames verra!… O patria mia (Aida)

Act III: Ciel! Mio padre! (Aida, Amonasro)

Act III: Pur ti riveggo, mia dolce Aida (Radames, Aida)

Act III: Fuggiam gli ardori inospiti (Radames, Aida)

Act III: Aida!… Tu non m'ami. Va! (Radames, Aida, Amonasro)

Act III: Tu! Amonasro! (Radames, Aida, Amonasro, Amneris, Ramfis)

Act IV Scene 1: L'abborrita rivale a me sfuggia (Amneris)

Act IV Scene 1: Gia i sacerdoti adunansi (Amneris, Radames)

Act IV Scene 1: Ohime! Morir mi sento (Amneris, Priests)

Act IV Scene 1: Radames! Radames! Radames! (Ramfis, Priests)

Act IV Scene 2: La fatal pietra sovra me si chiuse (Radames, Aida)

Act IV Scene 2: Presago il core della tua condanna (Aida, Radames, Priests, Priestesses)

Act IV Scene 2: O terra, addio; addio, valle di pianti (Aida, Radames, Priests, Priestesses, Amneris)


““How beautifully she caressed the phrases [in the final duet] starting “Vedi? di morte l’angelo”, touching gently the notes marked staccato, ravishing the ear with the downward portamento from the high B-flat”

Penguin Guide

2010 edition


“This is arguably the finest commercial recording of an opera that Maria Callas ever made...[Gobbi and Callas's duet] has never been matched...Barbieri is an impressive Amneris. The mono sound is clean and generally well balanced in Mark Obert-Thorn's excellent transfer”

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