Verdi: Otello

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Verdi: Otello



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28th Jan 2008




2 hours 29 minutes



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Verdi: Otello

Ramon Vinay, Herva Nelli, Giuseppe Valdengo, Virginio Assandri, Nan Merriman & Leslie Chabay

NBC Symphony Orchestra and Choruses, Arturo Toscanini

CD - 2 discs

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Arturo Toscanini was the second cellist in the orchestra of La Scala, Milan, for the triumphant first performance of Verdi’s Otello on 5th February 1887. Sixty years later he led a radio broadcast of Otello spread over two evenings that is considered by many to be the most successful of his opera recordings for NBC. Described by one of Toscanini’s biographers, Joseph Horowitz, as ‘the one that comes closest to recapturing Toscanini’s revolutionary impact in the pit’, this December 1947 recording is remarkable for Toscanini’s dramatic grasp of Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy, and his scrupulous observation of Verdi’s most detailed dynamic markings.

Giuseppe Verdi: Otello

Opening announcement for 6 December 1947 broadcast

Act I: Spoken Synopsis

Act I: Una vela! (Chorus, Montano, Cassio, Iago, Roderigo)

Act I: Esultate! (Otello, Chorus, Iago, Roderigo)

Act I: Fuoco di gioia! (Chorus)

Act I: Roderigo, beviam! (Iago, Cassio, Chorus, Roderigo)

Act I: Inaffia l'ugola! (Iago, Cassio, Roderigo, Chorus)

Act I: Capitano, v'attende (Montano, Cassio, Iago, Roderigo, Chorus)

Act I: Ola! Che avvien? (Otello, Iago, Cassio, Montano)

Act I: Gia nelle notte (Otello, Desdemona)

Act I: Quando narravi (Desdemona, Otello)

Act I: Venga la morte! (Otello, Desdemona)

Act II: Spoken Synopsis

Act II: Non ti cruciar (Iago, Cassio)

Act II: Credo in un Dio crudel, "Iago's Credo" (Iago)

Act II: Eccola (Iago)

Act II: Cio m'accora (Iago, Otello)

Act II: Dove guardi splendono (Chorus, Iago, Desdemona, Otello)

Act II: D'un uom che geme (Desdemona, Otello, Iago, Emilia)

Act II: Desdemona rea! (Otello, Iago)

Act II: Ora e per sempre addio (Otello, Iago)

Act II: Era la notte (Iago, Otello)

Act II: Si, pel ciel (Otello, Iago)

Opening announcement for 13 December 1947 broadcast

Act III: Spoken Synopsis

Act III: Introduction

Act III: La vedetta del porto (Herald, Otello, Iago)

Act III: Dio ti giocondi, o sposo (Desdemona, Otello)

Act III: Dio! Mi potevi scagliar (Otello, Iago)

Act III: Vieni, l'aula e deserta (Iago, Cassio, Otello)

Act III: Questa e una ragna (Iago, Cassio, Otello)

Act III: Come la uccidero? (Otello, Iago, Chorus)

Act III: Viva il Leon di San Marco! (Lodovico, Otello, Desdemona, Emilia, Iago, Roderigo, Chorus)

Act III: A terra!… si… nel livido fango (Desdemona, Emilia, Cassio, Roderigo, Lodovico, Chorus, Iago, Otello)

Act IV: Spoken Synopsis

Act IV: Era piu calmo? (Emilia, Desdemona)

Act IV: Mia madre aveva una povera ancella, "Willow Song" (Desdemona, Emilia)

Act IV: Ave Maria (Desdemona)

Act IV: Chi e la? (Desdemona, Otello)

Act IV: Calma come la tomba (Otello, Emilia, Desdemona, Cassio, Iago, Lodovico, Montano)

Act IV: Nium mi tema (Otello, Cassio, Lodovico, Montano)

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