Strauss, R: Capriccio

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Strauss, R: Capriccio



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1st March 2010




2 hours 14 minutes


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Strauss, R: Capriccio

Recorded in Kingsway Hall, London, 2 - 7, 9 and 11 September, 1957 and 28 March, 1958

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (Countess Madeleine), Eberhard Wächter (Count), Nicolai Gedda (Flamand), Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (Olivier), Hans Hotter (La Roche), Christa Ludwig (Clairon), Anna Moffo (Italian Singer)

Philharmonia Orchestra, Wolfgang Sawallisch

CD - 2 discs


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Capriccio is universally recognised as one of the composer’s greatest and most subtle works.

The legendary record producer Walter Legge produced this landmark recording in London’s Kingsway Hall during 1957 and 1958, with his wife Elisabeth Schwarzkopf as the Countess.

She is accompanied by some of the finest singers of the day, including Eberhard Wächter, Nicolai Gedda, Dietrich Fischer- Dieskau, Christa Ludwig, and Hans Hotter, who had created the rôle of Olivier at the première.

So great are its musical merits that this mono recording has subsequently come to be recognised as a masterpiece in its own right.

Reissue Producer and Restoration Engineer: Mark Obert-Thorn

Richard Strauss: Capriccio, Op. 85, TrV 279


Scene 1: Bezaubernd ist sie heute wieder! (Flamand, Olivier)

Scene 1: Bei sanfter Musik schlaft sich's am besten (Director, Olivier, Flamand)

Scene 1: Eine schone Heroine hast auch du nicht verschmaht! (Director, Flamand, Olivier)

Scene 2: Der Strom der Tone trug mich fort (Countess, Count)

Scene 3: Die Buhne ist furtig, wir konnen beginnen (Director, Count, Countess, Flamand, Olivier)

Scene 4: Da ist sie! Ich eile, sie zu begrussen (Count, Olivier, Director, Countess, Flamand, Clairon)

Scene 4: Ihr geht (Clairon, Count)

Scene 4: Kein Andres, das mir so im Herzen loht (Count, Clairon, Director)

Scene 4: Ein Philosoph schreitet seiner Bekehrung entgegen (Countess, Flamand, Olivier)

Scene 5: Lassen Sie ihn gewahren (Countess, Olivier, Flamand)

Scene 6: Kein Andres, das mir so im Herzen loht (Flamand)

Scene 6: Trio: Des Dichters Worte (Countess, Olivier, Flamand)

Scene 6: Wie schon die Worte, kaum kenn' ich sie wieder! (Countess, Olivier, Flamand, Director)

Scene 7: Verraten hab' ich meine Gefuhle! (Flamand, Countess)

Scene 7: Diese Liebe, plotzlich geboren an diesem Nachmittag (Flamand, Countess)

Scene 7: Wir werden die Schokolade hier (Countess)

Scene 8: Welch' kostliche Begegnung! (Count, Countess)

Scene 9: Wir kehren zuruck in die Welt des Salons (Director, Olivier, Clairon, Count, Countess)

Scene 9: Dance I: Passepied: Was sagt Ihr! (3 Musicians, Director)

Scene 9: Dance II: Gigue: Ich bin fest entschlossen (3 Musicians, Olivier, Clairon, Director)

Scene 9: Dance III: Gavotte (3 Musicians)

Scene 9: Eure Kunst entzuckt und begeistert mich (Count, Flamand)

Scene 9: Fugue: Discussion on the Theme: Words or Music: Tanz und Musik (Olivier, Flamand, Director, Count, Countess, Clairon)

Scene 9: Das sagt Ihr jetzt, in dem Augenblick (Countess, Count, Clairon, Olivier, Flamand, Director)

Scene 9: Duet of the Italian Singers: Addio, mia vita, addio (Tenor, Soprano)

Scene 9: Darf ich Sie nach Paris zuruckbringen (Count, Clairon, Countess, Director, Olivier, Flamand)

Scene 9: Das Huldingungsfestspiel (Director, Count, Flamand, Olivier, Countess, Clairon)

Scene 9: Octet, Part 1: Laughing - Ensemble: Ein possierlicher Einfall! (Count, Olivier, Director, Clairon, Countess, Flamand, Tenor, Soprano)

Scene 9: Sie sehen uns uberrascht von Ihrer Phantasie (Countess, Director, Flamand, Olivier)

Scene 9: Octet, Part 2: Dispute: Ensemble - Aber so hort doch! (Director, Olivier, Flamand, Count, Countess, Tenor, Soprano, Clairon)

Scene 9: Hola! ihr Streiter in Apoll! (Director)

Scene 9: Ich diene den ewigen Gesetzen des Theaters (Director)

Scene 9: Heute im Zenith meiner ruhmreichen Laufbahn (Director, Clairon, Olivier, Flamand, Soprano, Tenor)

Scene 9: Ihr hortet die mahnende Stimme unseres Freudes! (Countess, Count, Clairon)

Scene 9: Was hebt sich gottergleich aus hohem Ather? (Countess, Olivier, Flamand, Clairon, Director, Count)

Scene 9: Nun gleich an die Arbeit (Director, Olivier, Flamand, Countess, Count)

Scene 9: Ich wusste ein ausserst fesselndes Thema! (Count, Director, Olivier, Flamand, Count, Countess, Clairon)

Scene 10: Gut in eure Mantel gehullt (Director, Count, A Servant, Clairon, Flamand, Olivier)

Scene 11: Das war ein schoner Larm (8 Servants)

Scene 12: Herr Director! (Monsieur Taupe, Major-Domo)

Scene 13: Andante con moto

Scene 13: Wo ist mein Bruder? (Countess, Major-Domo)

Scene 13: Morgen mittag um elf! (Countess)

Scene 13: Kein Andres, das mir so im Herzen loht (Countess)

Scene 13: Ihre Liebe schlagt mir entgegen (Countess)

Scene 13: Wahlst du den einen (Countess)

Scene 13: Frau Grafin, das Souper ist serviert (Major-Domo)

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2010 edition


“In the role of the Countess in Strauss's last opera, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf has no equals on CD...a peerless performance from her, full of magical detail both in the pointing of words and in the presentation of the character in all its variety...As a performance this is never likely to be superceded.”

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