Wagner: Götterdämmerung

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Wagner: Götterdämmerung



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26th March 2012




4 hours 19 minutes


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Wagner: Götterdämmerung

1956 Recording

Kirsten Flagstad (Brünnhilde), Set Svanholm (Siegfried), Egil Nordsjø (Hagen), Per Gronnenberg (Alberich), Ingrid Bjoner (Gutrune/Dritte Norn), Eva Gustavson (Erste Norn), Waldemar Johnsen (Gunther), Unni Bugge-Hanssen (Woglinde), Karen Flagstad (Wellgunde/Zweite Norn), Beate Asserson (Flosshilde)

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra & Norwegian State Radio Orchestra, Øivin Fjeldstad

CD - 4 discs


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Mark Obert-Thorn, reissue producer and restoration engineer

In January 1956 Norwegian Radio broadcast an almost complete performance of Götterdämmerung starring Kirsten Flagstad and Set Svanholm, and conducted by Øivin Fjeldstad. Despite opportunities to re-record the work in Vienna, Flagstad was insistent that this performance be released. Most of the missing sections were then recorded, and the resultant LP was the first (almost complete) commercial recording of the work on disc.

Flagstad, the great Wagnerian, is in resplendent voice and Svanholm proves a worthy partner. This elusive set remains a milestone in Wagner performance.

Richard Wagner: Gotterdammerung (Twilight of the Gods)

Prologue: Prelude

Prologue: Welch Licht leuchtet dort? (First Norn, Second Norn, Third Norn)

Prologue: Dammert der Tag? (First Norn, Second Norn, Third Norn)

Prologue: Dawn

Prologue: Zu neuen Taten, teurer Helde (Brunnhilde)

Prologue: Mehr gabst du, Wunderfrau (Siegfried, Brunnhilde)

Prologue: Oh, heilige Gotter! (Brunnhilde, Siegfried)

Prologue: Siegfried's Rhine Journey

Act I Scene 1: Nun hor, Hagen (Gunther, Hagen)

Act I Scene 1: Ein Weib weiss ich (Hagen, Gunther, Gutrune)

Act I Scene 1: Vom Rhein her tont das Horn (Gunther, Hagen, Siegfried)

Act I Scene 2: Heil! Siegfried, teurer Held! (Hagen)

Act I Scene 2: Wer ist Gibichs Sohn? (Siegfried, Gunther, Hagen)

Act I Scene 2: Begrusse froh, o Held (Gunther, Siegfried, Hagen, Gutrune)

Act I Scene 2: Vergass' ich alles (Siegfried)

Act I Scene 2: Bluhenden Lebens labendes Blut (Siegfried, Gunther)

Act I Scene 2: Was nahmst du am Eide nicht teil? (Siegfried, Hagen, Gunther, Gutrune)

Act I Scene 2: Hier sitz' ich zur Wacht (Hagen)

Act I Scene 3: Altgewohntes Gerausch (Brunnhilde, Waltraute)

Act I Scene 3: Hore mit Sinn, was ich dir sage! (Waltraute)

Act I Scene 3: Welch banger Traume Maren (Brunnhilde, Waltraute)

Act I Scene 3: Blitzend Gewolk (Brunnhilde)

Act I Scene 3: Brunhild'! Ein Freier kam (Siegfried, Brunnhilde)

Act I Scene 3: Jetzt bist du mein (Siegfried, Brunnhilde)

Act II: Prelude

Act II Scene 1: Schlafst du, Hagen, mein Sohn? (Alberich, Hagen)

Act II Scene 2: Hoiho, Hagen! (Siegfried, Hagen, Gutrune)

Act II Scene 3: Hoiho! Hoihohoho! (Hagen, Vassals)

Act II Scene 3: Rustet euch wohl (Hagen, Vassals)

Act II Scene 3: Gross Gluck und Heil (Vassals, Hagen)

Act II Scene 4: Heil dir, Gunther! (Vassals)

Act II Scene 4: Brunnhild', die hehrste Frau (Gunther, Vassals)

Act II Scene 4: Gegrusst sei, teurer Held! (Gunther, Vassals, Siegfried, Brunnhilde, Hagen)

Act II Scene 4: Einen Ring sah ich an deiner Hand (Brunnhilde, Siegfried, Gunther, Hagen)

Act II Scene 4: Bertug! Bertug! (Brunnhilde, Gutrune, Vassals, Gunther, Siegfried)

Act II Scene 4: Helle Wehr! Heilige Waffe! (Siegfried, Brunnhilde, Vassals)

Act II Scene 4: Glaub', mehr zurnt es mich als dich (Siegfried)

Act II Scene 5: Welches Unholds List (Brunnhilde)

Act II Scene 5: Vertraue mir, betrog'ne Frau! (Hagen, Brunnhilde)

Act II Scene 5: Auf, Gunther, edler Gibichung! (Hagen, Gunther, Brunnhilde)

Act II Scene 5: So soll es sein! (Gunther, Brunnhilde, Hagen)

Act III: Prelude

Act III Scene 1: Frau Sonne sendet lichte Strahlen (Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde)

Act III Scene 1: Ein Albe fuhrte mich irr (Siegfried)

Act III Scene 1: Siegfried! (Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde, Siegfried)

Act III Scene 1: Ein goldner Ring ragt dir am Finger! (Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde, Siegfried)

Act III Scene 1: Behalt ihn, Held (Flosshilde, Woglinde, Wellgunde, Siegfried)

Act III Scene 1: Weialala leia (Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde, Siegfried)

Act III Scene 2: Hoiho! (Hagen, Vassals, Siegfried)

Act III Scene 2: Trink, Gunther, trink! (Siegfried, Gunther, Hagen)

Act III Scene 2: Mime hiess ein murrischer Zwerg (Siegfried, Hagen, Vassals)

Act III Scene 2: In Lied zu dem Wipfel (Siegfried, Hagen)

Act III Scene 2: Was hor' ich! (Gunther, Hagen, Vassals)

Act III Scene 2: Brunnhilde, heilige Braut! (Siegfried)

Act III Scene 2: Siegfried's Funeral March

Act III Scene 3: War das sein Horn? (Gutrune)

Act III Scene 3: Hoiho! Hoiho! (Hagen, Gutrune, Gunther)

Act III Scene 3: Siegfried, Siegfried erschlagen! (Gutrune, Gunther, Hagen)

Act III Scene 3: Schweigt eures Jammers jauchzenden Schwall (Brunnhilde, Gutrune)

Act III Scene 3: Starke Scheite schichtet mir dort (Brunnhilde)

Act III Scene 3: Wie Sonne lauter strahlt mir sein Licht (Brunnhilde)

Act III Scene 3: O ihr, der Eide ewige Huter! (Brunnhilde)

Act III Scene 3: Mein Erbe nun nehm' ich zu eigen (Brunnhilde)

Act III Scene 3: Fliegt heim, ihr Raben! (Brunnhilde)

Act III Scene 3: Grane, mein Ross, sei mir gegrusst! (Brunnhilde, Hagen)

Gramophone Magazine

July 2012

“this is the ultimate 'A for effort' performance. It remained, for nearly a decade, the only way of hearing much of Gotterdammerung on the gramophone and remains, for that reason, an important historical curio. You will not hear it better than in this new transfer.”

MusicWeb International

June 2012

“the famous aureate amplitude of [Flagstad's] voice is still very much in evidence at certain points and there are frequent glimmers of the old majesty. One is still conscious of the sheer size of the voice even when the tone is a little curdled...The conducting is unexpectedly first-rate. This is alternately driven and sensitive, by a conductor of whom most of us will never have heard, Øivin Fjeldstad.”

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