Burl Ives - Troubador (1941-1950)

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Burl Ives - Troubador (1941-1950)



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66 minutes


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Burl Ives - Troubador (1941-1950)

Selected songs includings 'Wee Cooper O'Fife' ,'Riddle Song' and more

Burl Ives (vocals and guitar), Bob Haggart (bass) and more



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Traditional: Wee Cooper O'Fife

Wee Cooper O' Fife

Traditional: Riddle Song

Riddle Song

Traditional: Cowboy's Lament

Cowboy's Lament

Traditional: Tam Pierce

Tam Pierce

Traditional: I Know Where I'm Going

I Know Where I'm Going

Traditional: I Know My Love

I Know My Love

Traditional: Peter Gray

Peter Gray

Traditional: Sweet Betsy from Pike

Sweet Betsy from Pike

Traditional: On Top of Old Smoky

On Top of Old Smoky

Traditional: Darlin' Cory

Darlin' Cory

Traditional: Leather-Winged Bat

Leather-Winged Bat

Traditional: Cotton-Eyed Joe

Cotton-Eyed Joe

Traditional: On Springfield Mountain

On Springfield Mountain

Traditional: Little Mohee

Little Mohee

Traditional: Troubador Song

Troubador Song

Traditional: Lord Randall

Lord Randall

Traditional: Bonnie Wee Lassie

Bonnie Wee Lassie

Traditional: Colorado Trail

Colorado Trail

Traditional: Rovin' Gambler

Rovin' Gambler

Traditional: John Hardy

John Hardy

Traditional: The Devil and the Farmer

The Devil and the Farmer

Traditional: High Barbaree

High Barbaree

Traditional: Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly

Traditional: Pueblo Girl

Pueblo Girl

Traditional: Baby Did You Hear

Baby Did You Hear

Traditional: Old Blue

Old Blue

Traditional: Ballanderie


Traditional: Robin, He Married

Robin, He Married

Traditional: Lavender Cowboy

Lavender Cowboy

Traditional: I've Got No Use for Women

I've Got No Use for Women

Traditional: Old Paint

Old Paint

Traditional: Green Broom

Green Broom

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