Purcell: The Fairy Queen, Z629

Naxos: 8550660-61

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Purcell: The Fairy Queen, Z629



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2 hours 7 minutes


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Purcell: The Fairy Queen, Z629

Scholars Bartoque Ensemble

CD - 2 discs

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Henry Purcell: The Fairy Queen, Z. 629


Act I: Duet

Act I: Scene of the Drunken Poet

Act I: First Act Tune - Jig

Act II: Prelude and Song

Act II: Prelude

Act II: Chorus

Act II: Chorus

Act II: Solo, Chorus and Dance of Fairies

Act II: Night

Act II: Mystery

Act II: Secresie

Act II: Sleep and Chorus

Act II: Dance for the Followers of Night

Act III: Prelude, Solo and Chorus

Act III: Symphony while the Swans Come Forward

Act III: Dance for the Fairies

Act III: Dance for the Green Men

Act III: Song

Act III: Dialogue between Coridon and Mopsa

Act III: Dance for the Haymakers

Act III: A Nymph

Act III: Song and Chorus

Act IV: Symphony

Act IV: An Attendant and Chorus

Act IV: Two Attendants

Act IV: Entry of Phoebus

Act IV: Phoebus

Act IV: Chorus

Act IV: Spring

Act IV: Summer

Act IV: Autumn

Act IV: Winter

Act IV: Chorus

Act V: Prelude

Act V: Juno

Act V: The Plaint

Act V: Symphony

Act V: A Chinese Man

Act V: A Chinese Woman and Chorus

Act V: A Chinese Man

Act V: Monkey's Dance

Act V: First Woman

Act V: Second Woman

Act V: Two Women and Chorus

Act V: Prelude

Act V: Hymen

Act V: Two Women

Act V: Hymen

Act V: Chaconne - The Grand Dance

Act V: Trio and Chorus

Appendix: First Musick Prelude

Appendix: First Musick Hornpipe

Appendix: Second Music Air

Appendix: Second Musick Rondeau

Appendix: Second Act Tune (Air)

Appendix: Fourth Act Tune (Air)

Appendix: Third Act Tune (Hornpipe)

Appendix: Entry Dance

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