Grieg: Piano Music. Vol. 6

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Grieg: Piano Music. Vol. 6



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Grieg: Piano Music. Vol. 6


Norwegian Melodies, Nos. 64-117, EG 108

Einar Steen-Nokleberg (piano)



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Edvard Grieg: Norway's Melodies

64. Sigrid, a Delightful Child (From: 'To the Mountain Farm')

65. Improvised Poem from Vegaardhejen, (Oh, Ola, Ola, My Very Own Child), (Folk Song)

66. Fetching the Water, Fetching the Logs (Folk Song)

67. The Siren's Call (Leaves of Summer and the Saddle)

68. The King's Song (God Bless Our Good King)

69. Serenade at the Beach (The Cottage is Closed)

70. The Tree (The Tree Stood Ready)

71. Thoughts of My Thoughts

72. The Bridal Dance

73. The Student's Song (The Fresh Wind and the Mild Air), (From: 'The Fresh Wind and the Mild Air)

74. Springdans from Bergen (Folk Dance)

75. To the Mountain Farm

76. The Buds in Spring Time (Where the Woods are Young and Fresh)

77. Aftermath of the Sun (To the Mountains Under the Fir Trees on the Slope)

78. The National Song for the Young Lads (We are a United Nation)

79. Sight of England (Shining Thither in the West)

80. To My Gillyflower (Gillyflower, Before Your Blossoms Wither)

81. Halling from Aamot (Folk Dance)

82. Shepherding My Nanny-Goat Named Tulla (Folk Song from Hitterdalen)

83. To Sweden (Look Thither, Side by Side the Baltic Sea)

84. The Ogre (I Put My Ear to the Fountain's Source)

85. The Calling Tunes (There Flies a Bird)

86. Such a Beautiful Sunny Day

87. Mountain Song from Valdres

88. Ole's Proposal (And Once it Came to Ole's Mind), (Folk Song)

89. Improvised Folk Verse (Oh! Do You Want Me to Sing)

90. Wandering in the Forest (My Sweet Bride)

91. Folk Dance

92. The Shepherd's Life (When Maidaagaa Calls)

93. A Song to the Flag (Look! Hovering there, the Angel of Peace)

94. Song from the Valley (It Is My Soul, My Spirit)

95. Two Brown Eyes

96. Springdans from Tin (Folk Dance)

97. The Norseman's Song (Among all the Countries)

98. How I Would Love to Have a Sweetheart

99. And I'm Looking at You (From: 'The Mountain Farm')

100. Ellan and the Siren (A Tired Lad), (Folk Song)

101. The Pathfinder Sings (From the Valley to the Mountain)

102. The Tune (Little Boy in the Big Forest)

103. The Autumn Song (The Winged Flock)

104. Racing Clouds

105. A Lonely Moment

106. Barefoot Magnus (My First Word of Greatness)

107. The Song (Sing Only in the Springtime of Youth)

108a. When the Sun Shows the Way to Rest

108b. The Traveler's Song (Hear the Call), (Folk Melody)

109. Astri, My Astri (Folk Song)

110. I Laid Me Down to Rest Too Early (Folk Song)

111. Longings (To Sleep Was the Impossible)

112. The Backwards Verse (I Saddled My Boot), (Folk Song)

113. Serenade to Welhaven (Listen Thee to the Singer)

114. Taylor's Song (Every Happy Moment You Receive)

115. Dance of the Giants. From Valdres

116. The Craftsmen's Union (Now Brothers, Sing Out Loudly)

117. Amidst the Storm (The Storm is Raging)

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