Grieg: Piano Music. Vol. 14

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Grieg: Piano Music. Vol. 14



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74 minutes


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Grieg: Piano Music. Vol. 14


Larviks-Polka, EG101

23 Small Piano Pieces EG104

Ved Halfdan Kjerulfs Minnestötte (At Halfdan Kjerulf's Memorial)

6 Song Arrangements, Op. 52

Canon a 4 voci, EG 179

Norwegian Melodies, No. 146: St. Thomas Yodel, EG 108

Piano Sonata in E minor, Op. 7

Norwegian Melodies No. 87: Mountain Song, EG 108

Piano Concerto in B minor, EG 120: Fragments

Einar Steen-Nokleberg (piano)



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Edvard Grieg: Larvikspolka

Larvikspolka, EG 101

Edvard Grieg: 23 Short Pieces

Allegro agitato

Allegro desiderio (=EG 102:1, Lengsel [Longing])

Scherzo Molto Allegro vivace

Andante, quasi Allegretto (=EG 103:1)

Allegro assai (=EG 102:3)

Allegro con moto (=EG 102:2)

Andante, quasi allegretto (=EG 103:9, En drom [A Dream])

Allegro assai

Andante, moderato (=EG:2, Perler [Pearls])

Andante con gravita (EG 103:3, Ved Gellerts grav [By Gellert's Grave])


Praludium Largo con estro poetica

Allegretto con moto (=EG 103:7)

Allegretto con moto

2-stemmigt (Zweistimmiges) Praludium. Con Passione

Allegro assai, quasi Presto (=EG 103:8, Scherzo)

Molto Adagio religioso

Allegro molto (=EG 103:6, Femarsdagen [The Fifth Birthday])

Andante moderato [=EG 103:4 Bonn (Prayer])

Allegro vivace

Andante moderato (=EG 103:5, Tap [Loss])

Nicht zu Schnell, ruhig (Not Too Fast, Quietly)

Assai Allegro furioso

Edvard Grieg: At the Halfdan Kjerulf Statue (version for piano)

Poco Adagio


Edvard Grieg: Transcriptions of Original Songs, Vol. II, Op. 52

Modersorg (A Mother's Grief), Op. 15, No. 4

Det forste mote (The First Meeting), Op. 21, No. 1

Du fatter ej Boigemes evige Gang (The Poet's Heart), Op. 5, No. 2

Solveigs Sang (Solveig's Song), Op. 23, No. 18

Kjaerlighet (Love), Op. 15, No. 2

Gamlemor (The Old Mother), Op. 33, No. 7

Edvard Grieg: Canon a 4 voci, EG 179

Canon a 4 voci, EG 179

Edvard Grieg: Norway's Melodies

Norwegian Melodies, No. 146: St. Thomas Yodel

Edvard Grieg: Piano Sonata in E minor, Op. 7

Andante molto

Finale: Molto Allegro

Norway's Melodies

Norwegian Melodies, No. 87: Mountain Song

Edvard Grieg: Piano Concerto in B minor

Piano Concerto in B Minor, EG 120: Fragments

Gramophone Magazine

“Steen-Nøkleberg is entirely inside this music. He manages to make the familiar pieces sound fresh, and the less familiar... are most imaginatively played.”

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