Bliss: Discourse for Orchestra, etc.

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Bliss: Discourse for Orchestra, etc.



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66 minutes


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Discourse for Orchestra

revised 1965 version

Miracle in the Gorbals

Things to Come - Suite

Queensland Orchestra, Christopher Lyndon-Gee

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Arthur Bliss: Discourse (revised 1965 version)

I. Allegro (Tema)

II. Allegro vivace (Gigue)

III. Andante tranquillo

IV. Andante con brio (Recapitulation)

V. Maestoso

VI. Tranquillo (Coda)

Arthur Bliss: Miracle in the Gorbals

I. Overture

II. The Street

III. The Girl Suicide

IV. The Young Lovers

V. The Prostitute and the Boy

VI. The Official

VII. Discovery of the Suicide's Body

VIII. The Suicide's Body is Brought In

IX. The Stranger (Variations)

X. Dance of Deliverance

XI. The Official and the Prostitute

XII. The Mother's Lullaby

XIII. Two 'Jolly' Couples

XIV. Official Leaves the Prostitute

XV. The Whispering Campaign

XVI. The Official and the Prostitute

XVII. The Killing of the Stranger

XVIII. Coda (Molto sostenuto)

Arthur Bliss: Things to Come

I. Prologue

II. Interlude: The World in Ruins

III. The Building of the New World

IV. Attack on the Moon Gun

V. Epilogue

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