Purcell: The Indian Queen, Z630

Naxos: 8553752

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Purcell: The Indian Queen, Z630



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78 minutes


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Purcell: The Indian Queen, Z630

Scholars Baroque Ensemble



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Henry Purcell: The Indian Queen, Z. 630

First Music - First Aire

First Music - Second Aire

Second Music - First Aire

Second Music - Second Aire (Hornpipe)

Curtain Music And Overture: Overture

Prologue and Act I: Trumpet Tune

Act I - Solo (Boy): Wake, Quivera, Wake

Act I - Solo (Girl): Why Should Men Quarrel?

Act I - Solo (Boy): By Ancient Prophesies

Act I - Duet (Boy and Quivera): If These Be They

Act I - Trumpet Tune

Act II - The Masque of Fame and Envy: Symphony

Act II - Solo (Fame) and Chorus: I Come to Sing

Act II - Trio (Envy and Two Assistants): What flatt'ring noise

Act II - Solo (Fame): Scorn'd Envy

Act II - Solo (Envy): I Fly from the Place

Act II - Solo (Fames): Begone, Curst Fiends of Hell

Act II - Dance, Solo (Fame) and Chorus: I Came to Sing Great Zempolla's S

Act III - Dance

Act III - Solo (Ismeron): You Twice Ten Hundred Deities

Act III - The God of Dreams Rises

Act III - Solo (God of Dreams): Seek Not to Know

Act III - The God of Dreams Descends

Act III - Trumpet Overture

Act III - Duet (Aerial Spirits): Ah! How Happy We Are

Act III - Duet (Another Two Aerial Spirits) and Chorus: We the Spirits of the Air

Act III - Solo (Zemoalla): I Attempt from Love's Sickness

Act III - Third Act Tune (Rondeau)

Act IV - Prelude and Song (Orazia): They Tell Us That Your Mighty Powers

Act V - Symphony

Act V - Chorus: While Thus We Bow

Act V - Solo (High Priest) and Chorus: You, Who at the Altar Stand

Act V - Symphony and Chorus: All Dismal Sounds

Henry Purcell: The Masque of Hymen

The Last Act - Trumpet Symphony

The Last Act - Solo (Hymen): To Bless the Genial Bed

The Last Act - Solo (A Follower of Hymen) and Chorus: Come, All, Come at My Call

The Last Act - Duet (Two Married People): I Am Glad I Have Met Him

The Last Act - Solo (Hymen): Good People

The Last Act - Duet (Two Married People): My Honey

The Last Act - Solo (Cupid): The Joys of Wedlock

The Last Act - Solo (One of Cupid's Followers): Sound the Trumpet

The Last Act - Two of Cupid's Followers: Make Haste to Put on Love's Chain

The Last Act - Trumpet Air

The Last Act - Chorus: Let Loud Renown


“Energetic, zestful, well-played, the performance features excellent singers...there are no musical compromises here”

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