Satie: Parade

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Satie: Parade


Gramophone Magazine

Editor's Choice - September 1999



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70 minutes


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Satie: Parade



Trois Gymnopédies

Mercure - Poses plastiques en trois tableaux


Nancy Symphony Orchestra, Jerome Kaltenbach


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Erik Satie: Parade

Choral - Prelude du Rideau rouge - Prestidigitateur Chinois

Petite fille Americaine

Acrobates - Final - Suite au Prelude du Rideau rouge

Erik Satie: 3 Gymnopedies

Gymnopedie No. 1

Gymnopedie No. 2

Gymnopedie No. 3

Erik Satie: Mercure


Scene 1: La nuit

Scene 1: Danse de tendresse: Apollon et Venus

Scene 1: Signes du Zodiaque

Scene 1: Entree et Danse de Mercure

Scene 2: Danse des Graces

Scene 2: Bain des Graces

Scene 2: Fuite de Mercure

Scene 2: Colere de Cerbere

Scene 3: Polka des lettres

Scene 3: Nouvelle danse

Scene 3: Le Chaos

Scene 3: Final - Rapt de Proserpine

Erik Satie: Relache

Act I: Ouverturette

Act I: Projectionette

Act I: Rideau - Entree de la Femme

Act I: Musique

Act I: Entree de l'Homme

Act I: Danse de la Porte tournante

Act I: Entree des Hommes

Act I: Danse des Hommes

Act I: Danse de la Femme

Act I: Petite danse finale


Act II: Musique de rentree

Act II: Rentree des Hommes

Act II: Rentree de la Femme

Act II: Les Hommes se devetissent, la Femme se rhabille

Act II: Danse de l'Homme et de la Femme

Act II: Les Hommes regagnent leur place et retrouvent leur pardessus

Act II: Danse de la Brouette

Act II: Danse de la Couronne

Act II: Le Danseur depose la Couronne sur la tete d'une spectatrice

Act II: La Femme rejoint son fauteuil

Act II: Petite danse finale (chanson mimee): La queue de chien

Gramophone Magazine

September 1999

“Early 20th-century French eccentric Erik Satie's piano pieces are ubiquitous, as are Debussy's orchestrations of two of his famously lyrical "Gymnopèdies." This album includes the Debussy arrangements, along with the third "Gymnopèdie" orchestrated by Roland-Manuel. But what makes this collection so enterprising is that it features Satie's hugely influential score to the Cocteau/Picasso/Massin ballet "Parade," along with the pop-inflected score to the Dadaist ballet "Relâche" and the dance piece "Mercure." The music is beguiling and bumptious by turns, its simplicity disguising revolutionary qualities. The Nancy orchestra plays this sad circus music as to the manner born, and the sound and presentation are solid. Another Naxos winner”

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