Tveitt: 100 Hardanger Tunes: Suites Nos. 1 & 4

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Tveitt: 100 Hardanger Tunes: Suites Nos. 1 & 4



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Tveitt: 100 Hardanger Tunes: Suites Nos. 1 & 4


100 Hardanger Tunes: Suite No. 1, Op. 151

100 Hardanger Tunes: Suite No. 4, Op. 151, "Wedding Suite"



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Geirr Tveitt: 100 Folk-tunes from Hardanger, Op. 151: Suite No. 1

No. 1: Velkomne med aera (Welcome with Honour)

No. 2: Flyteljod (Flute Air)

No. 3: Fagraste viso pao Jorae (The Most Beautiful Song on Earth)

No. 4: Moltor og myrabaer (Cloudberries and Moorberries)

No. 5: Stavkyrkjestev (Stave Church Song)

No. 6: A naoe meg no fo mi tusta (Alas, My Girl)

No. 7: Uppskoka (Consecration of the New Beer)

No. 8: Syrgjeleg song um ein tom brennevinsdunk (Lament for an Empty Brandy Keg)

No. 9: Langeleiklat (Langeleik Tune)

No. 10: Stolstone (Echo from the Summer Hillfarm)

No. 11: Hastverksbrudlaup (Hasty Wedding)

No. 12: Guds Godhet og Guds Storhet (God's Goodness and Greatness)

No. 13: Vise folks folkevisa um visse folk (Wise Folks Gossip about Certain People)

No. 14: Storskrytarstev (Braggart's Ballad)

No. 15: Siste Farvel (The Last Farewell)

Geirr Tveitt: 100 Folk-tunes from Hardanger, Op. 151: Suite No. 4, "Wedding Suite"

No. 46: Du... (You...)

No. 47: Friar-foter (Going a-wooing)

No. 48: Eit gamalt sel fortel (Tale from the Old Mountain Hut)

No. 49: Belaresveinen (The Matchmaker)

No. 50: Pao veg te Brudlaupsgaren (Off to the Country Wedding)

No. 51: Krune-brure (Bridal Crown)

No. 52: Graot og laott aot ain baot (Tears and Laughter for a Boat)

No. 53: "So stillt dei ror pa glitre-fjord" (How Silently They Row on the Glittering Fjord)

No. 54: Kjomeistar-visa (Toastmaster's Song)

No. 55: "Nar kvite skaut i sumarbrisen bylgjer" (When White Scarves Wave in the Summer Breeze)

No. 56: Rikje Ragna med jarnhendene (Rich Ragna with the Iron Hands)

No. 57: "Skottrarar" (Guisers)

No. 58: Brura-drammane (The Bride's Drink)

No. 59: Fylle-snakk - hommage a l'atonalite (Drunken Talk - Homage to Atonality)

No. 60: Haring-ol (Hardanger Ale)

Gramophone Magazine

“Engeset’s new account is a delight from start to finish, revealing Tveitt’s delicate yet robust invention without a hint of the twee, though with a suggestion of Khachaturian in the finale…. Naxos’s recording, engineered by Tim Handley, is excellent. Great fun, warmly recommended.”

International Record Review

Calum MacDonald

December 2001

“Continuing its extremely valuable Tveitt series with the RSNO, Naxos offers us Suites Nos. 1 and 4...A most enjoyable disc.”

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