Smith, J C: Nabal (pastiche oratorio compiled from works by Handel)

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Smith, J C: Nabal (pastiche oratorio compiled from works by Handel)



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2 hours 12 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Smith, J C: Nabal (pastiche oratorio compiled from works by Handel)

Maya Boog, Francine van der Heijden, Stephan MacLeod, Linda Perillo, Knut Schoch

Frankfurt Baroque Orchestra, Carlos Joachim Martini

CD - 2 discs


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George Frideric Handel: Nabal

Part 1 - Symphonia

Part 1 - Recitative: Here in the Wilderness of Paran (David)

Part 1 - Chorus: The righteous shall be had in everlasting rememberance

Part 1 - Accompagnato: Have mercy on us, Lord (David)

Part 1 - Air: Food they ask'd (David)

Part 1 - Recitative: No doubt (Asaph)

Part 1 - Air: The Lord, our guide (Asaph)

Part 1 - Chorus: The Lord, our guide

Part 1 - Recitative: How hard the woman's fate (Abigail)

Part 1 - Air: Free from discord (Abigali)

Part 1 - Recitative: Avaunt, unpleasing wretch (Nabal)

Part 1 - Air: Still fill the bowl (Nabal)

Part 1 - Ballo and Minuet

Part 1 - Gavotte

Part 1 - Siciliana

Part 1 - Air: Gay and light as yonder sheep (Shepherd)

Part 1 - Chorus: Gay and light as yonder sheep

Part 1 - Recitative: 'Tis Carmel's annual holiday (Nabal)

Part 1 - Chorus: Happy, while we reign in pleasure

Part 2 - Recitative: Asaph, 'tis well advis'd (David)

Part 2 - Air: Great Creator (David)

Part 2 - Chorus: God, who in thy heav'nly hand

Part 2 - Recitative and Accompagnato: Thus saith my Lord (Asaph)

Part 2 - Air: Grateful hearts enjoy the blessing (Asaph)

Part 2 - Recitative: Who is this David? (Nabal)

Part 2 - Air: With harps new strung

Part 2 - Solo and Chorus: Come! Come! Live with pleasure (Shepherd)

Part 2 - Air and Chorus: Sing we the feast (Shepherd, Chorus)

Part 2 - Chorus: Crown with festal pomp the day

Part 2 - Accompagnato: Thrice happy sheep (Abigail)

Part 2 - Air: Mind eternal (Abigail)

Part 2 - Recitative: Fly my good mistress (Shepherd, Abigail)

Part 2 - Accompagnato: Fell monster! (David)

Part 2 - Air: Fury in all thy terrors rise (David)

Part 2 - Accompagnato: On me, my Lord, on me (Abigali)

Part 2 - Air: Mercy, thou heavn'ly cherub (Abigail)

Part 2 - Accompagnato: Blessed be the Lord (David)

Part 2 - Chorus: All creatures upon God depend

Part 3 - Interludes

Part 3 - Accompagnato: Ah! Whence this sudden dread (Nabal)

Part 3 - Air: Oh! Who can tell the terrors? (Nabal)

Part 3 - Recitative: How soon the scene is chang'd (Shepherd)

Part 3 - Chorus: By slow degrees the wrath of God

Part 3 - Recitative: A messenger, my Lord (Asaph)

Part 3 - Air: When beauty sorrow's livery wears (Asaph)

Part 3 - Recitative: True is your observation (David)

Part 3 - Air: Lovely beauty (David)

Part 3 - Recitative: Behold! Thine handmaid (Abigail)

Part 3 - Air: Come ye smiling hours (Abigail)

Part 3 - Accompagnato: Guardian angels (Shepherd)

Part 3 - Duet: Thrice happy pair (Shepherd, Asaph)

Part 3 - Solo and Chorus: Still caressing (Shepherd, Chorus)

Part 3 - Recitative: In praise, to great Jehovah (Abigail)

Part 3 - Duet: Thoughts sublime (Abigail, David)

Part 3 - Chorus: O glorious prince

Sunday Times

“This is a tidily stylish performance by the choir, Junge Kantorei, the Frankfurt Baroque Orchestra and a strong team of aptly supple, light-voiced soloists.”

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