Geirr Tveitt: A Hundred Hardanger Tunes Suites Nos. 2 & 5

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Geirr Tveitt: A Hundred Hardanger Tunes Suites Nos. 2 & 5



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Geirr Tveitt: A Hundred Hardanger Tunes Suites Nos. 2 & 5


100 Hardanger Tunes, Op. 151: Suite No. 2: 15 Mountain Songs

100 Hardanger Tunes, Op. 151: Suite No. 5: Troll-tunes



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Geirr Tveitt: 100 Folk-tunes from Hardanger, Op. 151: Suite No. 2, "15 Mountain Songs"

No. 16: Far, far across the fells to Turid

No. 17: With wolves and reindeer in the upland storm

No. 18: Hen, hound, cow and horse - Nursery rhyme

No. 19: Mountain Cattle-call

No. 20: Bringing strong ale up into the mountains

No. 21: Willow flute across the quiet tarn

No. 22: Old Nick, his lament

No. 23: Snow grouse on the Folgafodne glacier

No. 24: Do you hear the song in the waterfall's roar?

No. 25: Lame Lars, his fairy fiddle-tune

No. 26: The song inside Hulder-Hill

No. 27: Beard ablaze

No. 28: Jew's harp melody

No. 29: The mountain girl skiing downhill

No. 30: I saw so far away

Geirr Tveitt: 100 Folk-tunes from Hardanger, Op. 151: Suite No. 5, "Troll tunes"

No. 61: Troll-tuned Hardanger fiddle

No. 62: Hulder transhumance

No. 63: Hulder hush-a-bye

No. 64: Hulder wedding-breakfast

No. 65: The changeling

No. 66: Folgafodne glacier keeps its secret

No. 67: The boy with the troll-treasure

No. 68: Spell-song

No. 69: The crooked harp that could talk

No. 70: The brownie dancing

No. 71: The water-sprite playing

No. 72: Twilight

No. 73: Fairy flageolet

No. 74: Echo from the other side

No. 75: Doomsday

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“Only four of Geirr Tveitt's suites from his unique, folk-inspired collection, A HundredHardanger Tunes, survive. The two presented here exhibit the same principal characteristics as Nos 1 and 4 (also on Naxos), although without the quasi-narrative structure of No 4, WeddingSuite. The Second Suite is largely a pastoral affair, though with moments of rugged grandeur befitting its subject, the mountains of Hardanger in western Norway. They are brilliantly orchestrated, as one now expects from Tveitt, the final six exceptionally so. The scoring of the Fifth Suite is richer still, like a kind of concerto for orchestra. The trolls here aren't the moronic ogres of Harry Potter or TheFellowship of the Ring, nor even the subterranean imps of Peer Gynt, but rather all the 'netherworld' peoples, whose music is as dazzling as they were legendarily beguiling.
The Royal Scottish orchestra sound as if they thoroughly enjoyed themselves in this music, as well they should have. A splendid and enjoyable disc, beautifully played and recorded. Strongly recommended.”

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