Larsson, Lars-Erik: The Best of Lars-Erik Larsson

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Larsson, Lars-Erik: The Best of Lars-Erik Larsson



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70 minutes


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Larsson, Lars-Erik: The Best of Lars-Erik Larsson

Karin Ingeback (soprano), Anders Larsson (baritone), Frej Lindkvist (narrator)

Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Amadei Chamber Choir, Okko Kamu, Petter Sundkvist

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Narration: Ej for de starka i varlden… (Not for the strong in the world…)

Vem spelar pa en pipa en lat av gryningsluft… (Who plays upon a pipe a song of the morning air…) (Chorus)

Narration: Apollon bor i ett tessaliskt stall… (Apollo lives in a Thessalonian stable…)

Kring hostlig vaktelds brander… (Around the glowing watchfire of autumn…) (Baritone, Chorus)

Valsignelse foljer i gudarnas spar… (Blessings follow in the wake of the gods…) (Chorus)

Narration: Husbonden ma vi prisa sall… (We must joyfully praise the master…)

Vad faller over traden… (What kind of silver glow…) (Soprano, Chorus)

Narration: An vandra gudar over denna jord… (Still the gods walk this earth…)

Tror du, att faren skulle… (Do you think that sheep…) (Baritone, Soprano, Chorus)

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