Minkus: Don Quixote

Naxos: 8557065-66

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Minkus: Don Quixote



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3rd Nov 2003




2 hours 15 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Minkus: Don Quixote

(ballet in three acts)

Sofia National Opera Orchestra, Nayden Todorov

CD - 2 discs


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Ludwig Minkus: Don Quixote


Prologue: Allegro

Prologue: Entrance of Don Quixote

Prologue: Allegro assai

Prologue: Sancho Panza, saved from his pursuers, is appointed Don Quixote's squire

Act I: A square in Barcelona

Act I: Quiteria (Kitri) enters

Act I: Quiteria and Basilio

Act I: Moreno

Act I, Scene: Lorenzo, Quiteria and Basilio

Act I: Camacho enters

Act I: Seguidilla

Act I: Street Dancer and Toreador

Act I: Espada

Act I: Moderato

Act I: Scene of the Toreadors

Act I: Street Dancer

Act I: Coda

Act I: Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

Act I: Sancho and the Girls

Act I: Their Friends

Act I: Don Quixote invites Quiteria to a Minuet

Act I: Basilio with Friends

Act I: Quiteria's Variation

Act I: Coda: Basilio and Quiteria make their escape

Act II: Windmill

Act II: Quiteria and Basilio

Act II: Giga

Act II: Carmencita

Act II: Sola a gitana

Act II: Spanish Dance

Act II: Sailor's Dance

Act II: Scene

Act II: Coda

Act II: Gypsy Dance I

Act II: Gypsy Dance II

Act II, Scene: Puppet Theatre, attacked by Don Quixote, who then attacks the windmill

Act II: Don Quixote sleeps

Act II: Allegro

Act II: He dreams of Dulcinea

Act II: Allegretto

Act II: The Queen of the Dryads

Act II: Amour

Act II: Quiteria's Variation as Dulcinea

Act II: Souvenir du bal

Act II: Coda

Act III: March

Act III: Scene

Act III: Amour

Act III: Classical Variation I

Act III: Flower Waltz

Act III: Classical Variation II

Act III: Entree

Act III: Dryads' Variation

Act III: Basilio's Variation

Act III: Quiteria's Variation

Act III: Quiteria's Variation (The Fan)

Act III: Coda

Act III: Finale: Spanish Dance

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