Halle, A: Le Jeu de Robin et Marion

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Halle, A: Le Jeu de Robin et Marion



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3rd April 2006




74 minutes


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Halle, A: Le Jeu de Robin et Marion

Mary Remnant, John Crook, Alexander Hickey, Richard Eteson, Francis Brett, Joanna Forbes, Kathryn Oswald, Rebecca Hickey, Alexander L’Estrange & Antony Pitts

Tonus Peregrinus


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Adam de la Halle: Mout me fu grief li departir / Robin m'aime / Portare

Mout me fu grief li departir / Robin m'aime, Robin m'a / Portare

Adam de la Halle: Pilgrim's Prologue (after Li jus du Pelerin)

Pilgrim's Prologue (after Li jus du Pelerin)

Adam de la Halle: Le jeu de Robin et de Marion (The Play of Robin and Marion)

Scene 1: Marion is happily minding her own business…Robins m'aime (Marion)

Scene 1: Je me repairoie (Knight)

Scene 1: He Robin (Marion)

Scene 1: … when along comes a Knight on the lookout …

Scene 1: Vous perdes vo paine (Marion)

Scene 1: … but Marion means no when she says so …

Scene 1: Bergeronnete sui (Marion)

Scene 1: … and the Knight leaves empty-handed.

Scene 1: Trairi deluriau (Marion, Knight)

Scene 1: Rondeau II: Li dous regars

Scene 1: Rondeau XV: Tant con je vivrai

Scene 2: He Robechon leure leure va (Marion, Robin)

Scene 2: … and tastes some of her fare …

Scene 2: Vous l'orres bien dire (Robin)

Scene 2: … and tests her fidelity …

Scene 2: Bergeronnete douche baisselete (Robin, Marion)

Scene 2: … and she tests his dancing prowess …

Scene 2: Robin par l'ame (Marion, Robin)

Scene 2: … and Robin goes for reinforcements …

Scene 2: … his manly cousins.

Motet II: De ma dame / Dieus / Omnes

Scene 3: Robin rounds up guests for the party.

Motet: Mout me fu grief li departir / Robin m'aime / Portare

Scene 4: The Knight returns to find his bird …

Scene 4: J'oi Robin flagoler (Marion)

Scene 4: … beats up Robin and kidnaps Marion …

Scene 4: He resveille toi Robin (Gautiers li Testus)

Scene 4: … but Robin is aroused to the point of valour.

Scene 4: Rondeau III: Hareu

Scene 5: Marion sees off the Knight, her friends roll up …

Scene 5: Aveuc tele compaignie (tous)

Scene 5: … and it's time for all kinds of party games.

Scene 6: Robin rescues a sheep, declares his love …

Scene 6: J'ai encore un tel paste (Robin)

Scene 6: … and promises some delicacies of his own …

Scene 6: Que jou ai un tel capon (Robin)

Scene 6: … when he returns.

Scene 6: A Dieu (Adam / Super)

Scene 7: Robin brings a pair of horns to the party …

Scene 7: Audigier (Gautiers li Testus)

Scene 7: … gets over his jealousy and gets everyone on their feet.

Scene 7: Venes apres moi (Robin et al)

Motet: Mout me fu grief li departir / Robin m'aime / Portare

Gramophone Magazine

June 2006

“…unquestionably an intriguing and highly original presentation of Adam's masterpiece. One has to accustom oneself to the fine medieval French narration coming in at one's left ear, and the modern English conversational version, giving the gist of it, entering at one's right ear. As the story unfolds, it is studded with gems of songs with stirring rhythms, some unaccompanied, other delicately accompanied by a selection of close on 20 early instruments. This is an enchanting entertainment, well worth the effort of trying to gather together all the various strands, and then to picture the complete drama in its original medieval context.”

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