Stravinsky: The Firebird, etc.

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Stravinsky: The Firebird, etc.



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28th Feb 2005




78 minutes


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The Firebird

(complete original version)

Petrushka (1947 version)



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Igor Stravinsky: The Firebird (original version)


Scene I: Night. Kastchei's Enchanted Garden

Scene I: The Firebird enters, pursued by Ivan Tsarevich

Scene I: The Firebird's Dance

Scene I: Ivan Tsarevich captures the Firebird

Scene I: The Firebird begs to be released

Scene I: Entrance of the Thirteen Enchanted Princesses

Scene I: The Princesses play with the golden apples (Scherzo)

Scene I: Ivan Tsarevich appears

Scene I: The Princesses' Khorovod (Round Dance)

Scene I: Daybreak

Scene I: Ivan Tsarevich, entering Kastchei's palace...

Scene I: The entrance of Kastchei the Immortal

Scene I: Dialogue between Kastchei and Ivan Tsarevich

Scene I: The Princesses plead for mercy

Scene I: The Firebird enters

Scene I: Dance of Kastchei's retinue under the Firebird's magic spell

Scene I: Infernal Dance of Kastchei and his subjects under the Firebird's magic spell

Scene I: The Firebird's Lullaby

Scene I: Kastchei awakens

Scene I: Kastchei's death

Scene II: Kastchei's spell is broken, his palace disappears, and the Petrified Knights return to life. General Thanksgiving....

Igor Stravinsky: Petrushka (1948 version)

Tableau I: The Shrove-Tide Fair

Tableau I: The Mountebank

Tableau I: Russian Dance

Tableau II: In Petrushka's Cell (Impetuoso)

Tableau III: The Blackamoor

Tableau III: The Ballerina

Tableau III: Valse - Ballerina and Blackamoor (Lento cantabile)

Tableau IV: The Shrove-Tide Fair

Tableau IV: The Dance of the Wet-Nurses

Tableau IV: Peasant with Bear

Tableau IV: Gypsies and a Rake Vendor

Tableau IV: Dance of the Coachmen

Tableau IV: Masqueraders

Tableau IV: The Scuffle (Blackmoor and Petrushka)

Tableau IV: Death of Petrushka

Tableau IV: Police and the Juggler

Tableau IV: Vociferation of Petrushka's Ghost

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