Stravinsky: L'Histoire du Soldat: Concert Suite, etc.

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Stravinsky: L'Histoire du Soldat: Concert Suite, etc.



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2nd Jan 2007




69 minutes


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L'Histoire du Soldat: Concert Suite


Catherin Ciesinski (mezzo-soprano) & Susan Naruki (soprano)

Twentieth Century Classics Ensemble, Robert Craft



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Igor Stravinsky: Pastorale (arr. S. Dushkin)

Pastorale (arr. I. Stravinsky and S. Dushkin for violin and wind quartet)

Igor Stravinsky: Histoire du soldat Suite (The Soldier's Tale Suite)

I. The Soldier's March

II. Music from Scene 1

III. Music from Scene 2, "Pastorale"

IV. The Royal March, "Pasadoble"

V. Little March

VI. 3 Dances: No. 1. Tango. No. 2. Waltz. No. 3. Ragtime

VII. The Devil's Dance

VIII. Petit / Grand Chorale

IX. Triumphal March of the Devil

Igor Stravinsky: 3 Pieces for Solo Clarinet

No. 1. Sempre piano e molto tranquillo: quarter note = 52

No. 2. quarter note = 168

No. 3. quarter note = 160

Igor Stravinsky: Pour Picasso

Pour Picasso

Igor Stravinsky: Pribaoutki

No. 1. Kornilo

No. 2. Natashka

No. 3. Polkovnik (The Colonel)

No. 4. Starets i zayats (The Old Man and the Hare)

Igor Stravinsky: Berceuses du chat (Cat's Cradle Songs)

No. 1. Spi, kot (The Tom-Cat)

No. 2. Kot na pechi (The Tom-Cat on the Stove)

No. 3. Bay-bay (Bye-Byes)

No. 4. U kota, kota (O Tom-Cat, Tom-Cat)

Igor Stravinsky: Renard


Igor Stravinsky: 2 Stikhotvoreniya Konstantina Bal'monta (2 Poems of Konstantin Bal'mont)

No. 1. Nezabudochka tsvetochek' (The Little Forget-Me-Not Flower)

No. 2. Golub' (The Dove)

Igor Stravinsky: 3 Poesies de la lyrique japonaise (3 Japanese Lyrics)

No. 1. Akahito

No. 2. Mazatsumi

No. 3. Tsaraiuki

Igor Stravinsky: Scherzo a la russe (original Jazz band version)

Scherzo a la russe (original Jazz band version, 1944)

Igor Stravinsky: Song of the Volga Boatman (arr. Stravinsky for band)

Song of the Volga Boatman (arr. Stravinsky for band)

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“Wistful is not a word one expects to use to describe a composition of Stravinsky but the Pastorale which opens this collection has just that kind of charm. Written originally as a vocal piece in 1908, it introduces Robert Craft's collection of early works dating from 1911 to 1918, the exception being the audacious arrangement of the Scherzo à la russe that Stravinsky made for Paul Whiteman's Band in 1944. The most familiar work here is the Histoire du soldat Suite, given a sharply characterised performance. But the opening of Renard establishes a similarly dynamic instrumental character, while the dramatic vocal participation is exuberantly full of bawdy wit. It is presented with great accuracy and élan, laced with weird barnyard noises from the orchestra, and is great fun even if one cannot hear all the words (no text is provided).
The two Bal'mont songs are beautiful and the Three Japanese Lyrics are sinuously seductive, all exquisitely sung by Susan Narucki. Both sets are provided with translations, but the four Pribaoutki are not. Here Catherine Ciesinski brings out their primitive, often robust Russian folk derivation.
The four Cats' Cradle Songs are equally memorable, slinky morsels with stealthy clarinet colouring. The programme ends with the Songof the Volga Boatmen, vulgarly scored but played roisterously by the Philharmonia Orchestra.
All these performances offer superb ensemble playing and spirited, crisply detailed direction from Craft who also provides excellent notes.”

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