Webern - Vocal and Orchestral Works

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Webern - Vocal and Orchestral Works



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29th June 2009




76 minutes


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Webern - Vocal and Orchestral Works


Ricercata from J.S. Bach’s ‘Musical Offering’

trans. for orchestra by Anton Webern

Twentieth Century Classics Ensemble

Two Songs, Op. 19 (Texts: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Simon Joly Chorale & Philharmonia Orchestra

Five movements for String Quartet, Op. 5 (1909)

Philharmonia Orchestra

Zwei Lieder, Op. 8

Tony Arnold (soprano)

Twentieth Century Classics Ensemble

Five Pieces for Orchestra Op. 10

Philharmonia Orchestra

Four Songs Op. 13

Tony Arnold (soprano)

Twentieth Century Classics Ensemble

Sechs Lieder, Op. 14

Tony Arnold (soprano)

Twentieth Century Classics Ensemble

Fünf geistliche Lieder, Op. 15

Tony Arnold (soprano)

Twentieth Century Classics Ensemble

Das Augenlicht, ‘Through Our Open Eyes Light Flows into the Heart’, Op. 26

Simon Joly Chorale & Philharmonia Orchestra

Variations for Orchestra, Op. 30

Twentieth Century Classics Ensemble

Cantata No. 2, Op. 31

Claire Booth (soprano) & David Wilson-Johnson (bass)

Simon Joly Chorale & Philharmonia Orchestra



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Robert Craft’s abiding love and understanding of Anton Webern’s music have made him an internationally renowned champion of this elusive composer’s oeuvre.

Whether transforming the ‘Ricercata’ from J.S. Bach’s A Musical Offering into a kaleidoscope of orchestral sounds, creating vivid new colours through ever-changing vocal and instrumental groupings, revelling in multi-layered polyphony or cultivating the purest simplicity, Webern reveals new musical worlds which remain as fresh and fascinating today as when they were written.

“[Robert Craft’s] new home, Naxos, adds the lure of bargain prices to recordings that would be important no matter the cost…they provide rich overviews of the evolving styles of Webern and Schoenberg. Many of the performances are by the Twentieth Century Classics Ensemble, a group of veteran New York new-music players who could just as well call themselves the Robert Craft All-Stars…their interpretations reflect Mr. Craft's half century of experience with this repertory.” The New York Times

Anton Webern: Bach - Musical Offering, BWV 1079: Ricercar a 6

Bach - Musical Offering, BWV 1079: Ricercar a 6

Anton Webern: 2 Songs, Op. 19

No. 1. Weiss wie Lilien

No. 2. Ziehn die Schafe

Anton Webern: 5 Movements, Op. 5 (arr. for string orchestra)

I. Heftig bewegt

II. Sehr langsam

III. Sehr bewegt

IV. Sehr langsam

V. In zarter Bewegung

Anton Webern: 2 Songs, Op. 8

No. 1. Du, der ich's nicht sage

No. 2. Du machst mich allein

Anton Webern: 5 Pieces, Op. 10

No. 1. Sehr ruhig und zart

No. 2. Lebhaft und zart bewegt

No. 3. Sehr langsam und ausserst ruhig

No. 4. Fliessend, ausserst zart

No. 5. Sehr fliessend

Anton Webern: 4 Songs, Op. 13

No. 1. Wiese im Park

No. 2. Die Einsame

No. 3. In der Fremde

No. 4. Ein Winterabend

Anton Webern: 6 Songs, Op. 14

No. 1. Die Sonne

No. 2. Abendland I

No. 3. Abendland II

No. 4. Abendland III

No. 5. Nachts

No. 6. Gesang einer gefangenen Amsel

Anton Webern: 5 Sacred Songs, Op. 15

No. 1. Das Kreuz, das musst' er tragen

No. 2. Morgenlied

No. 3. In Gottes Namen aufstehn

No. 4. Mein Weg geht jetzt voruber

No. 5. Fahr hin, o Seel', zu deinem Gott

Anton Webern: Das Augenlicht, Op. 26

Das Augenlicht, Op. 26

Anton Webern: Variations for Orchestra, Op. 30

Variations for Orchestra, Op. 30

Anton Webern: Cantata No. 2, Op. 31

Schweigt auch die Welt, aus Farben ist immer (The World, Through Silent, Is Always Full of Colours)

Sehr tief verhalten innerst Leben (Buried Deep, Innermost Life Sings)

Schopfen aus Brunnen des Himmels nach Wassen des Worts (To Draw From Heaven's Springs)

Leichteste Burden der Baume trag ich durch die Raume: die Dufte (Through Space I Carry the Tree's Lightest Burden)

Freundselig ist das Wort (Kindly Is The Word)

Gelockert aus dem Schosse (Delivered From the Womb)

The Guardian

10th July 2009

“Craft's approach seems to have mellowed somewhat; he allows more space for the impacted lyricism of Webern's writing to make its mark, though still without quite the Viennese flavour that composers such as Karajan brought to it. It's an ideal introduction to one of the 20th century's greatest composers, and a second volume including Webern's other orchestral and choral works would be more than welcome.”

The Times

18th July 2009


“Eleven vocal and orchestral works by the Second Viennese School’s miniaturist magician, performed with great clarity and ardour in a thrilling, warm recording. The 20th-century faithful Robert Craft knows every note inside out, but there’s nothing of the laboratory in the performances drawn from the Philharmonia Orchestra (the op 10 pieces are outstanding), the 20th Century Classics Ensemble (so lyrical in the Bach transcription), or the vocalists. Essential listening.”

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