François-André Philidor - Carmen Saeculare

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François-André Philidor - Carmen Saeculare



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26th Feb 2007




1 hour 49 minutes


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François-André Philidor - Carmen Saeculare

Philidor, F-A:

Simphonie No. 27 in G major (Ouverture: Le maréchal ferrant)

Carmen Sæculare (1788)

His oratorio, Carmen sæculare, is a setting of poems by Horace associated with the Roman centennial celebrations of 17 B.C. It was written at the instigation of the Italian scholar Giuseppe Baretti, who chose the Latin texts and sought ‘a man able to temper alternately the solemnity of church-music with the brilliancy of the theatrical’.

Le sorcier Overture

Tom Jones: Ouverture in B flat major

Veronica Cangemi (soprano), Nora Gubisch (mezzo-soprano), Donald Litaker (tenor) & Antonio Abete (bass)

Coro della Radio Svizzera, Prague Chamber Orchestra & Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, Christian Benda, Jean-Claude Malgoire

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Francois-Andre Danican Philidor: Le marechal ferrant: Overture, "Symphony No. 27 in G major"

I. Allegro

II. Andante con spirito

III. Presto

Francois-Andre Danican Philidor: Carmen saeculare


Prologue: Odi profanum vulgus (tenor)

Part I: Spiritum Phoebus mihi (tenor)

Part I: Deliae tutela Deae fugaces (tenor, chorus)

Part I: Nupta iam dices (tenor, chorus)

Part II: Dive, quem proles Niobea magnae (chorus)

Part II: Ceteris maior, tibi miles impar (bass)

Part II: Ille, mordaci velu icta ferro (bass, chorus)

Part II: Ni tuis flexus Venerisque gratae (soprano)

Part II: Doctor argutae fidicen Thaliae (chorus)

Part III: Dianam tenerae dicite virgines (soprano, mezzo-soprano)

Part III: Vos laetam fluviis et nemorum coma (tenor, chorus)

Part III: Hic bellum lacrimosum (soloists, chorus)

Part IV: Phoebe silvarumque potens Diana (soprano, mezzo-soprano, chorus)

Part IV: Alme Sol, curru nitido diem (bass, chorus)

Part IV: Rite maturos aperire partus (soprano)

Part IV: Certus undenos decies per annos (chorus)

Part IV: Vosque veraces cecinisse, Parcae (bass)

Part IV: Fertilis frugum pecorisque Tellus (soprano, mezzo-soprano, chorus)

Part IV: Conditio mitis placidusque (soloists, chorus)

Part IV: Roma si vestrum est opus (tenor)

Part IV: Di probos mores docili iuventae (tenor)

Part IV: Quaeque vos bobus veneratur albis (bass, chorus)

Part IV: Iam mari terraque manus potentes (tenor)

Part IV: Iam Fides et Pax et Honos Pudorque (tenor)

Part IV: Augur et fulgente decorus arcu (mezzo-soprano)

Part IV: Quaeque Aventinum tenet Algidumque (soloists)

Part IV: Haec Iovem sentire Deosque cunctos (soloists, chorus)

Francois-Andre Danican Philidor: Le sorcier

Le sorcier: Overture

Francois-Andre Danican Philidor: Tom Jones

Tom Jones: Overture

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