Lillian Fuchs - Complete Music for Unaccompanied Viola

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Lillian Fuchs - Complete Music for Unaccompanied Viola



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3rd July 2006




1 hour 52 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Lillian Fuchs - Complete Music for Unaccompanied Viola

Fuchs, L:

Sonata Pastorale for Unaccompanied Viola

Sixteen Fantasy Etudes

Fifteen Characteristic Studies for Viola

Twelve Caprices for Viola

Jeanne Mallow (viola)

CD - 2 discs


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Lillian Fuchs: 16 Fantasy Etudes

No. 1. Preludio: Moderato

No. 2. Venusto: Allegretto

No. 3. Piacevole: Allegro moderato

No. 4. Risonante: Andante

No. 5. Amorevole: Allegretto

No. 6. Risentito: Moderato

No. 7. Posato: Andante

No. 8. Agilmente: Allegro assai

No. 9. Morbidezza: Andante

No. 10. Giochevole: Allegretto

No. 11. Strepitoso: Moderato

No. 12. Fugato: Allegro giusto

No. 13. Frescamente: Moderato

No. 14. Aria parlante: Andante

No. 15. Marziale: Tempo di Marcia

No. 16. Precipitoso: Vivace

Lillian Fuchs: Sonata Pastorale

I. Fantasia

II. Pastorale

II. Allegro - Energico

Lillian Fuchs: 15 Characteristic Studies

No. 1. Moderato

No. 2. Allegretto

No. 3. Andante

No. 4. Giocoso

No. 5. Allegro piacevole

No. 6. Vivace

No. 7. Maestoso

No. 8. Allegro

No. 9. Comodo

No. 10. Strepitoso

No. 11. Dolendo

No. 12. Amabile

No. 13. Andante sonore

No. 14. Fuga

No. 15. Perpetuum mobile

Lillian Fuchs: 12 Caprices

No. 1. Allegro giusto

No. 2. Deciso

No. 3. Comodo

No. 4. Agitato

No. 5. Allegretto amabile

No. 6. Mormoramente

No. 7. Giocoso

No. 8. Lesto

No. 9. Alla marcia

No. 10. Doloroso

No. 11. Fuga

No. 12. Perpetuum mobile

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