Hildegard von Bingen - Celestial Harmonies

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Hildegard von Bingen - Celestial Harmonies



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28th April 2008




73 minutes


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Hildegard von Bingen - Celestial Harmonies

Responsories and Antiphons from Symphoniae armonie celestium revelationum


O cohors militiae

O successores

O vos imitators

O dulcis electe

O victoriosissimi Triumphatores

O cruor sanguinis

Responsary "O vis aeternitatis"

O splendidissima gemma



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Now enjoying cult status since her ‘re-discovery’ twenty five years ago, Hildegard von Bingen, the tenth child of an aristocratic family, entered a convent at the age of eight and spent the remainder of her eighty years as a nun as well as a mystic, the latter half as abbess of her own convent. Hildegard’s great musico-poetic collection was completed around the year 1150. Symphonia armonie celestium revelationum (Symphony of the Harmony of Heavenly Revelations) is a collection of 77 songs and one music drama. The subjects of these songs are an idiosyncratic collection of individuals and groups – the pieces included on this recording are variously addressed to the Creator, the Redeemer, the Blessed Virgin Mary, St John the Evangelist, Apostles, Confessors, and Martyrs.

Hildegard of Bingen: O cohors milite floris (O cohort of the army of the flower)

O cohors milite floris

Hildegard of Bingen: O successores fortissimi leonis (O successors of the mightiest lion)

O successores fortissimi leonis

Hildegard of Bingen: O vos imitatores excelse

O vos imitatores excelse

Hildegard of Bingen: O dulcis electe

O dulcis electe

Hildegard of Bingen: O victoriosissimi triumphatores

O victoriosissimi triumphatores

Hildegard of Bingen: O cruor sanguinis

O cruor sanguinis

Hildegard of Bingen: O vis aeternitatis

O vis aeternitatis

Hildegard of Bingen: O splendidissima gemma (O most splendid gem)

O splendidissima gemma

BBC Music Magazine

July 2008


“Hildegard, born 910 years ago is the first composer we can confidently identify by name. Technically simple though they may be, her melodies are imaginative and sensual. These recordings rate highly for clarity, elegance and tonal beauty.”

Gramophone Magazine

“The Oxford Camerata are a group of 12 singers, strong on rhythm (other essentials too, but it is their rhythmic sense that keeps everything alert). There are some excellent voices among them… these are singers with feeling, and at certain moments… the listener catches from them, fresh, the composer’s inspiration.”

The Telegraph

7th June 2008

“In these responsories and antiphons, Jeremy Summerly's pure-voiced sopranos bring rhythmic purpose to her waywardly ecstatic melodies, without impairing their heady devotional atmosphere. Beauty of sound fully compensates for any lack of verbal clarity in these settings of mystical poetry, still as enigmatic in translation as in Hildegard's idiosyncratic Latin”

The Times

9th May 2008


“Not sure what Hildegard would have thought of CDs, but I hope the 12th-century abbess would have enjoyed these responsories and antiphons, in a resonant acoustic ideal for this sensuous music and Jeremy Summerly’s unaccompanied choir (trimmed to eight voices). For tingling excitement, nothing matches the sopranos’ crazy leaps toward Heaven in the epic O cohors milittiae. Thoughtful performances.”

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