Life and Works - Franz Joseph Haydn

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Life and Works - Franz Joseph Haydn



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4 hours 39 minutes


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Life and Works - Franz Joseph Haydn

Written & narrated by Jeremy Siepmann

CD - 4 discs

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Life and Works - Haydn

Symphony No. 92 in G ('Oxford', Mvt 4: Presto)

Missa brevis Santic Joannis de Deo: 'Kleine Orgelmesse' (Kyrie)

Pranks, a narrow escape and expulsion

Poverty, hunger and determination

C.P.E. Bach: Keyboard Sonata in A, Wq. 65/37 (Mvt 3: Allegro di molto)

Further pranks, apprenticeship and a helping hand

String Quartet in E flat, Op. 33 No. 2 (Mvt 4: Finale)

Early fame and first sonatas

Piano Sonata L. 11 in B flat, Hob. XVI: 2 (Mvt 1: Moderato)

Patronage, marriage and first symphonies

Symphony No. 6 in D ('Le Martin', Mvt 1: Adagio-Allegro)

Haydn as servant and diplomat

Symphony No. 72 in D (Mvt 1: Allegro)


Finding his feet at the Esterhazy court

Cello Concerto in C major, Hob. VIIb: 1 (Mvt 3: Allegro molto)

Reprimand, overwork, illness and inspiration

Piano Sonata L. 33 in C Minor, Hob. XVI: 20 (Mvt 1: Moderato)

'Sturm und Drang'

Symphony No. 45 in F sharp minor ('Farewell', Mvt 1: Allegro assai)

Mastery, history and profundity: a genius in full flower

String Quartet in F minor, Op. 20 No. 5 (Mvt 3: Adagio)

'Exile' at Esterhazy and enforced originality

Symphony No. 22 in E flat ('The Philosopher', Mvt 1: Adagio)

A diplomat of genius

Symphony No. 45 in F sharp minor ('Farewell', Mvt 4: closing Adagio)

Fire endured and commemorated

Symphony No. 70 in D (Mvt 4: Allegro con brio)


Haydn and opera

La fedelta premiata (Act One: Finale - 'Aiutatemi, son morta'; 'Ah, che duolo disperato')

An affair and a friendship: Polzelli and Mozart

Mozart: String Quartet in C, K. 465 ('Dissonance', Mvt 1: Adagio-Allegro) - Going to bat for Mozart

String Quartet in F, Op. 55 No. 2 (Mvt 4: Finale: Presto)

Fame, servitude and loyalty: the unseen celebrity

Symphony No. 88 in G (Mvt 4: Finale: Allegro con spirito)

Sprung from a gilded cage: Haydn goes to London

Symphony No. 96 in D ('The Miracle', Mvt 1: Adagio-Allegro)

The naked face of genius: triumph, glamour, depression and resilience

Symphony No. 94 in G ('The Surprise', Mvt 2: Andante)

Haydn as foreign correspondent

Six English Canzonettas: Piercing Eyes

Haydn as statistical historian

Piano Trio in G, Hob. XV: 25 (Mvt 3: Rondo all'ongarese)

Return to Vienna (and an unusual new pupil)

Beethoven: Piano Trio in G, Op. 1 No. 2 (Finale: Presto)

Once more to England

Symphony No. 100 in G ('Military', Mvt 2: Allegretto)

The homecoming hero

String Quartet in G, Op. 76 No. 3 (Mvt 2: Poco adagio, cantabile)

Towards The Creation

The Creation ('Die Vorstellung des Chaos' - 'The Representation of Chaos')

Towards The Seasons; age begins to tell

The Seasons ('Hort das laute Geton' - 'Hark! The mountains resound!')

A sad old age

The Creation ('Die Himmel erzahlen' - 'The Heavens Are Telling')

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