Life and Works - Franz Schubert

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Life and Works - Franz Schubert



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4 hours 30 minutes


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Life and Works - Franz Schubert

Jeremy Siepmann & Tom George

CD - 4 discs


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Franz Schubert: Life and Works

Music: Piano Quintet in A major ('Trout'), D. 667 (mvt 4: Theme with variations: Andantino) / Speech: Home and away: Schubert's boyhood

Music: String Quartet No. 1 in mixed keys, D. 18 (mvt 1: Andante-Presto vivace)

Speech: Homesickness and the death of his mother

Music: Piano Trio (in one movement) in B flat, D. 28

Speech: Growing circle of friends and a change of direction

Music: Symphony No. 1 in D, D. 82 (finale)

Speech: In school and out; the first flowering of genius

Music: Gretchen am Spinnrade, D. 118

Speech: First love, and the unwelcome realities of adulthood

Music: Erlkönig, D. 328

Speech: Speed demon and diarist / Music: Mozart - String Quintet in G minor, K. 516 (mvt 4) / Speech: Destiny - the advent of Schober & Vogl

Music: Mass No. 5 in A flat, D. 678 (Gloria)

Speech: The child in the man: the testimony of friends

Music: Auf der Bruck, D. 853

Speech: Curtain

Speech: Escape to Hungary

Music: Marche Militaire No. 1 in D, D. 733

Speech: Mayrhofer, misanthropy and melancholy; his first instrumental masterpiece

Music: String Quartet in C minor ('Quartettstaz'), D. 703

Speech: A belated adolescence, and the black-winged demon

Music: Der Strom, D. 565

Speech: No happy music?

Music: Piano Quintet in A major ('Trout'), D. 667 (mvt 3: Scherzo: Presto)

Speech: Joys, sorrows and perspective

Music: Symphony No. 8 in B minor ('Unfinished'), D. 759 (mvt 1: Allegro moderato)

Speech: Death, suffering, redemption and arrogance

Music: Piano Sonata in A major, D. 959 (mvt 2: Andantino)

Speech: Drama on and off the stage

Music: Fantasy in C ('Wanderer' Fantasy), D. 760

Speech: Curtain

Speech: Romantic visions and inner turmoil

Music: Die Verschworenen, D. 787 (Duet: 'Sie ist's! Er ist's!')

Speech: A dream and a terrible discovery

Music: String Quartet in D minor ('Death and the Maiden'), D. 810 (mvt 1: Allegro)

Speech: Syphilis, Schober, dissipation and sublimation

Music: Die schöne Müllerin, D. 795 (Halt!, No. 3)

Speech: The Schubert Circle

Music: Incidental Music to 'Rosamunde', D. 797 (Ballet Music No. 2)

Speech: 'The most unhappy and miserable creature on earth'

Music: Octet in F, D. 803 (mvt 4: Andante with variations - variation 2)

Speech: The 'life' in the 'music'

Music: String Quartet in A minor, D. 804 (mvt 1: Allegro ma non troppo)

Speech: In and out of pain; a lovelorn and melancholy Hungarian summer

Music: Fantasy in F minor for piano duet, D. 940

Speech: Musical Vienna in decline

Music: Impromptu No. 8 in F minor, Op. 142/4, D. 935 No. 4

Speech: Curtain

Speech: New serenity - and a misanthropic tirade

Music: Winterreise, D. 911 (Rückblick, No. 8)

Speech: Schubert and Beethoven

Music: Piano Sonata in C minor, D. 958 (mvt 1: Molto moderato)

Speech: 'Grand symphony' achieved

Music: Symphony No. 9 in C ('Great'), D. 944 (mvt 4: Finale: Allegro vivace)

Speech: The first tragic composer

Music: Winterreise, D. 911 (Erstarrung, No. 4)

Speech: Schubert's only concert

Music: Piano Trio in E flat, D. 929 (mvt 1: Allegro)

Speech: Schubert and Paganini

Music: String Quintet in C, D. 956 (mvt 4: Allegretto)

Speech: Decline and death

Music: Octet in F, D. 803 (mvt 3: Scherzo: Allegro vivace- Trio)

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