Edward MacDowell: Complete Songs

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Edward MacDowell: Complete Songs



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1st Dec 1999




68 minutes


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Edward MacDowell: Complete Songs


Songs (2), Op. 34

Lieder (3), Op. 33

Songs (3), Op. 60

Love Songs (6), Op. 40

Lieder (3), Op. 11

Lieder (2), Op. 12

From an Old Garden, Op. 26

Eight Songs, Op. 47

Old Songs (2), Op. 9

Songs (4), Op. 56

Songs (3), Op. 58

Steven Tharp (tenor), James Barbagallo (piano)

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Edward MacDowell: 2 Songs, Op. 34


My Jean

Edward MacDowell: 3 Lieder, Op. 33

Bitte (A Request)

Geistliches Wiegenlied (Cradle Hymn)

Idylle (Idyll)

Edward MacDowell: 3 Songs, Op. 60

Tyrant Love

Fair Springtide

To the Golden Rod

Edward MacDowell: 6 Love Songs, Op. 40

Sweet Blue-eyed Maid

Sweetheart, Tell Me

Thy Beaming Eyes

For Sweet Love's Sake

O, Lovely Rose

I Ask But This

Edward MacDowell: 3 Lieder, Op. 11

Mein Liebchen (My Love and I Sat Close Together)

Du liebst mich nicht (You Love Me Not)

Oben, wo die Sterne glühen (The Skies, where the Stars are Glowing)

Edward MacDowell: 2 Lieder, Op. 12

Nachtlied (Night Song)

Das Rosenband (The Band of Roses)

Edward MacDowell: From an Old Garden, Op. 26

The Pansy

The Myrtle

The Clover

The Yellow Daisy

The Bluebell

The Mignonette

Edward MacDowell: 8 Songs, Op. 47

The Robin Sings in the Apple Tree

Midsummer Lullaby



The West Wind Croons in the Cedar Trees

In the Woods

The Sea

Through the Meadow

Edward MacDowell: 2 Old Songs, Op. 9


Slumber Song

Edward MacDowell: 4 Songs, Op. 56

Long Ago, Sweetheart Mine

The Swan Bent Low to the Lily

A Maid Sings Light

As the Gloaming Shadows Creep

Edward MacDowell: 3 Songs, Op. 58



Merry Maiden Spring

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