Ives - Songs Volume 3

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Ives - Songs Volume 3



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28th July 2008




74 minutes


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Ives - Songs Volume 3

Ives, C:


He Is There!

Her Eyes

Her Gown was of Vermilion Silk

His Exaltation

The Housatonic at Stockbridge


Hymn of Trust

I Hear a Tone

I Knew and Loved a Maid

I Travelled Among Unknown Men

Ich grolle nicht

I’ll Not Complain



In April-Tide

In Autumn

In Flanders Fields

In My Beloved’s Eyes

In Summer Fields

In the Alley

In the Mornin’

The ‘Incantation’

The Indians

The Innate


The Last Reader

The Light that is Felt

Like a Sick Eagle

Lincoln, The Great Commoner

Die Lotusblume

The Love Song of Har Dyal

Luck and Work

Janna Baty, Lielle Berman, Daniel Trevor Bircher, Patrick Carfizzi, Jennifer Casey Cabot, Michael Cavalieri, Robert Gardner, Ian Howell, Sumi Kittelberger, Diego Matamoros, Tamara Mumford, Matthew Plenk, Kenneth Tarver, Ayano Kabaoka, Frederick Teardo, Eric Trudel, J.J. Penna & Douglas Dickson



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Charles Ives wrote almost two hundred songs. Although his reputation rests on orchestral, chamber and piano music, it is Ives's songs that represent the heart of his creative thinking.

The expressive variety encountered is accordingly vast: indeed, the gradual evolution of Ives’s songwriting is analogous to the wider evolution of American music during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

This new edition includes all the songs that Ives completed. The alphabetic approach ensures that each volume (of which this disc is the first of six) contains a representative cross-section.

Charles Ives: Harpalus


Charles Ives: He Is There!

He Is There!

Charles Ives: Her Eyes

Her Eyes

Charles Ives: Her gown was of vermilion silk

Her gown was of vermilion silk

Charles Ives: His Exaltation

His Exaltation

Charles Ives: The Housatonic at Stockbridge

The Housatonic at Stockbridge

Charles Ives: Hymn


Charles Ives: Hymn of Trust

Hymn of Trust

Charles Ives: I hear a tone, "Ein Ton"

I hear a tone, "Ein Ton"

Charles Ives: I knew and loved a maid

I knew and loved a maid

Charles Ives: I travelled among unknown men

I travelled among unknown men

Charles Ives: Ich grolle nicht

Ich grolle nicht

Charles Ives: I'll not Complain (Ich grolle nicht)

I'll not Complain (Ich grolle nicht)

Charles Ives: Ilmenau


Charles Ives: Immortality


Charles Ives: In April-tide

In April-tide

Charles Ives: In Autumn

In Autumn

Charles Ives: In Flanders Fields

In Flanders Fields

Charles Ives: In My Beloved's Eyes

In My Beloved's Eyes

Charles Ives: In Summer Fields (Feldeinsamkeit)

In Summer Fields (Feldeinsamkeit)

Charles Ives: In the Alley

In the Alley

Charles Ives: In the Mornin'

In the Mornin'

Charles Ives: The Incantation

The Incantation

Charles Ives: The Indians

The Indians

Charles Ives: The Innate

The Innate

Charles Ives: Karen


Charles Ives: The Last Reader

The Last Reader

Charles Ives: The Light that is Felt

The Light that is Felt

Charles Ives: Like a Sick Eagle

Like a Sick Eagle

Charles Ives: Lincoln, the Great Commoner

Lincoln, the Great Commoner

Charles Ives: Die Lotosblume

Die Lotosblume

Charles Ives: The Love Song of Har Dyal

The Love Song of Har Dyal

Charles Ives: Luck and Work

Luck and Work

Gramophone Magazine

December 2008

“Robert Gardner is again outstanding - his "The Indians" luxuriates in the mesmeric, visionary quality associated with Ives at his most personal.”

The Guardian

“These songs, with all their quirks and flights of fantasy, [are] among the most important of the 20th century in any language.”

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