Krasa: Brundibar, etc.

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Krasa: Brundibar, etc.



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2nd April 2007




53 minutes


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An Opera for Children

Overture for Small Orchestra (1943-44)


I Never Saw Another Butterfly (1995-96)

I Never Saw Another Butterfly captures the voices of six extraordinary poems by Terezín’s child prisoners.

Craig Sheppard (piano), Maureen McKay (soprano) & Laura DeLuca (clarinet)

Northwest Boychoir & Music of Remembrance, Gerard Schwarz

world première recording



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Hans Krasa: Brundibar (Bumble-bee)

Act I Scene 1: Down our street a little band (Windows, Pepicek, Aninku)

Act I Scene 2: My ice-cream's so cold it burns! (Ice-Cream Seller)

Act I Scene 3: Gather round the ice-cream seller (Windows, Baker, Milkman)

Act I Scene 4: Hey milkman ring your bell (Windows, Pepicek, Aninku, Milkman)

Act I Scene 5: Everything in life costs money (Policeman, Aninku, Pepicek)

Act I Scene 6: Look at the people (Aninku, Pepicek, Policeman)

Act I Scene 7: When the winter wind came blowing (Aninku, Pepicek, Milkman, Ice-Cream Seller, Baker, Brundibar, Policeman)

Act I Scene 8: Little Children, how I hate 'em (Brundibar, Aninku, Pepicek, Sparrow, Cat, Dog)


Act II Scene 1: One of my tricks (Sparrow, Cat, Dog, Pepicek, Aninku)

Act II Scene 2: Rooster crows cock-a-doo (Aninku, Pepicek, Dog, Cat, Sparrow)

Act II Scene 3: Marty flings the curtains wide (Windows)

Act II Scene 4, "The March of the Schoolchildren": Children Stop (Dog, Cat, Sparrow, Schoolchildren)

Act II Scene 5: Morning, people, here's a bargain (Brundibar, Dog, Cat, Aninku, Pepicek, Sparrow)

Act II Scene 6: In the basement, down below (Aninku, Pepicek, Schoolchildren, Milkman, Brundibar)

Act II Scene 7: Trombone and kettle drum! (All)

Hans Krasa: Overture for Small Orchestra

Overture for Small Orchestra

Lori Laitman: I Never Saw Another Butterfly

No. 1. The Butterfly

No. 2. Yes, That's the Way Things Are

No. 3. Birdsong

No. 4. The Garden

No. 5. Man Proposes, God Disposes

No. 6. The Old House

Manchester Evening News

“Former Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra maestro Gerard Schwarz, with musicians from his new base in Seattle, has performed [Brundibar] in a professional quality version of which this is an excellent recording. It's a great work of art and, believe me, fun to listen to as well as something that demands to be known.”

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