Purcell - Theatre Music Volume 1

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Purcell - Theatre Music Volume 1



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3rd March 2008




59 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Purcell - Theatre Music Volume 1


Amphitryon or The Two Sosias: incidental music, Z572

Sir Barnaby Whigg or No Wit Like a Woman's: Blow, Blow, Boreas blow, Z589

The Gordion Knot Untied - incidental music, Z597

Circe: incidental music, Z575

Aronoff, Bower, Duyn, Jeffrey, Kettrick, Mahon, McArthur & Tomkins

Aradia Ensemble, Kevin Mallon



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Written mostly during the last five years of his life, Purcell’s Theatre Music is a rich and varied collection of some of the composer’s finest melodic inspirations. They include solemn overtures, cheerful and sad songs, as well as delightful dances, either incorporated into the action of the play or performed as preludes and interludes.

This first volume of the series includes many gems such as the erotic musical diversion in Amphitryon which takes the form of a Pastoral Dialogue betwixt Thyrsis and Iris, the amorous shepherd begging for, and finally being granted, his heart’s desire; and the series of dances in The Gordian Knot Unty’d, the most delightful of which are the Rondeau, Minuett and the final Chacone.

Henry Purcell: Amphitryon, Z. 572, "The 2 Sosias"

I. Overture

II. Saraband

III. Hornpipe

Celia, That I Once Was Blest (Soprano)

IV. Scotch Tune

For Iris I Sigh (Soprano)

V. Air

VI. Minuet

A Pastoral Dialogue Betwixt Thrsis and Iris (Bass, Soprano)

VII. Hornpipe

VIII. Borree

Henry Purcell: Sir Barnay Whigg, Z. 589: Blow, Boreas, Blow

Sir Barnay Whigg, Z. 589: Blow, Boreas, Blow

Henry Purcell: The Gordion Knot Unty'd, Z. 597


Second Music: Air

Second Music II: Minuet

First Act Tune: Air

Second Act Tune: Rondo Minuet

Third Act Tune: Air

Fourth Act Tune: Jig


Henry Purcell: Circe, Z. 575

We Must Assemble By a Sacrifice (Bass, Chorus)

Their Necessary Aid You Use (Tenor, Bass, Chorus)

Come Every Demon (Tenor, Chorus)

Magicians' Dance

Pluto, Arise! (Bass)

Lovers Who To Their First Embraces Go (Soprano, Alto, Chorus)

BBC Music Magazine

August 2008


“This is an absolutely 'must' for Purcell collectors, and as attractive a distraction for more general listening as it was to 17th-century theatre audiences.”

Gramophone Magazine

May 2008

“Worthy, professional and instinctively stylish but somewhat under-explored performances.”

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