Joaquim Homs: Music for Chamber Orchestra

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Joaquim Homs: Music for Chamber Orchestra



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2nd April 2007




64 minutes


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Joaquim Homs: Music for Chamber Orchestra


Between Two Lines


Suite, Op. 1

Adagio for strings

El caminant i el mur

Diptych I

Soliloquies (2)

Jordi Maso (piano), Montserrat Torruella (mezzo)

Granollers Chamber Orchestra, Francesc Guillen

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A pupil of Roberto Gerhard, the Catalan composer Joaquím Homs developed a style that, after experiment with atonality, led to a full use of serialism. His music, however, remains expressive and approachable. Apart from the early Suite, written at fifteen, the other works included here follow the development of Homs’s musical language from the Piano Concertino of 1946 through serialism to the expressiveness of his String Soliloquy and Piano Diptych of the 1970s.

Joaquim Homs: Entre dues linies (Between Two Lines)

I. Allegretto

II. Andantino

III. Tempo di vals

IV. Larghetto

V. Andante

VI. Tempo di vals poco rubato

VII. Vivace

VIII. Tempo di marcia

Joaquim Homs: Concertino

I. Allegro moderato

II. Adagio

III. Allegro scherzando

IV. Allegro vivace

Joaquim Homs: Suite, Op. 1

I. Prologue

II. Ballad

III. Impression

IV. Curious Story

V. Between branches

Joaquim Homs: Adagio for strings

Adagio for strings

Joaquim Homs: El caminant i el mur (The Walker and the Wall)

I. Escenari ja buit (Stage already empty)

II. Des del mateix teatre (From the same theatre)

III. Aquest Nadal (This Christmas)

IV. Tornat al pes (Return to heaviness)

V. Encara no (Not yet)

VI. Prec de Nadal (Christmas Prayer)

Joaquim Homs: Diptych I

I. Adagio

II. Allegro

Joaquim Homs: Soliloquios II (Soliloquy II)

Soliloquios II (Soliloquy II)

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